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Quantum Leap For DNA - Feb 18 -23

by Simone M. Matthews

On the 18/19 February 2013 the Earth and Sun come into alignment with Cygnus x-3, a most powerful source of x-rays, gamma source and ultra-high energy cosmic rays within our Galaxy.  Cygnus X-3 is a microquasar within the Swan Constellation (Cygnus), known as the Northern Cross, and represents the World Tree of Life in the Mayan Culture.

As stated in Drunvelo Melchizedek’s book Serpent of Light Beyond 2012  – ‘19 February represents the beginning of a new cycle and a new world… entire heavens would be opened up… free to explore our natural environment of space, time, and dimension beyond the Earth’. (Guatemalen Mayan Prophecy).

Interestingly as well, the 18/19 February 2013 marks 260 days since the transit of Venus (refer Note 3) across the path of the sun that took place on the 5/6 June 2012.
Then as stated in the ‘Holisic Book of Knowledge’ by Dr Jose Jaramillo, three days of darkness will follow the Cygnus X-3 alignment, and on the 21/22 February a new humanity will be brought into existence.

Its as if ‘conception’ took place during the passage of Venus on the 5/6 June 2012, followed by a ‘gestational’ period some 260 days later with ‘contractions’ and later the movement down the birth canal (electro-magnetic properties of Asteroid 2012 DA14 and Cygnus X-3) for then humanity to be birthed on the 21/22 February 2013.

The 23 February 2013 then marks the first full day of enlightened beingness for all of mankind.  In numerology this date adds up to the number ‘13’, the expression of Spirit through all of Creation.

The above dates, and corresponding prophesies / astrological alignments give amazing insight for humanity… as Earth and all her life forms will be showered in high-frequency cosmic, gamma and powerful x-rays during this time frame.  As our auric fields… right down to the trillions of cells within our body’s are being bathed in these electro-magnetic frequencies… our DNA is awakening to an evolved state of beingness in order to help us anchor 5th Dimensional light within our physical bodies.

It is thought that it is these multi-dimensional high cosmic emissions that have played an important role in the quantum evolution of Earth (and our entire Galaxy) over millions of years.  For example, over 775 million years or so ago single cell organisms became multi-celullar (quantum leap), then over 450 million or so years ago aquatic plants moved to land (quantum leap), then over 225 million years ago the dinosaurs left Earth.  We are now at the end of another 225 million year cycle (the period it takes Earth/Solar System to do one complete revolution around our Milky Way Galaxy).

Thus, in this generation, at the end of once cycle and hence the beginning of our next Galactic Cycle (225 million year cycle)… we are once again ‘quantum leaping’ into the next cycle of our evolutionary journey…. what we choose to evolve into is up to us… through our hearts !

These electro-magnetic cosmic emissions that we are currently experiencing are pulsating the torroidal field of energy that surrounds our heart, helping us to ‘beat our Hearts’ in unison with the Earth (Earth’s Heart), in unison with one-another (Human Hearts), in unison with Creation (Galactic Heart).   Through the one-heart we move beyond the limitation of our perceived separateness, and we embrace the Love, the Joy, the Beauty of a ONE humanity evolving into an enlightened new world.

3 to 5D: victim to victor

by Lauren Gorgo

If January was a bear, then February served up the anti-christ.

And even tho I am definitely-maybe joking, there is ironically some truth behind that statement in the sense that for the last 15 days or so we have been pushed, pulled, dragged, and all but beaten into surrendering to our higher power, to the christ within us…even tho it may have looked and felt like we were just going to die.  This is/was showing up as any and all areas of our lives that we are still playing victim to…those places within us where we have not completely claimed our creative power.  In retrospect, I think that “great expansion period” that the Pleiadian High Council was  referring to in the last report was not at all the kind of expansion I was hoping for….it happened, but with a brick in thy face.

For me personally, the clarity of what was actually taking place didn’t of course come until after the torture, but the awareness started bubbling up all around me after posting a blog article 3 days ago called “Letting Off Steam…“.  That blog post, which at first I thought was just a spontaneous, self-indulgent, public display of apathy and disgust with the ascension path (read:myself), turned out to be a beautiful reflection of our collective projections in the sense that it really helped to dig up, expose, acknowledge, move thru & release…in that order…huge chunks of our powerlessness.  Seeing my own words and then the responses from all the beautiful people in the TWYH community really kicked up a huge amount of clarity (at least for me) on the ways in which we (the royal we) need to claim our full power as creators of our universe.

(Random side note: Mark Twain once said… “Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial (royal) ‘we’.” How hilarious is that?)

Speaking of projections…every time I think I might be even remotely insightful, Stephanie Azaria trumps my thinking with some water clear comment that blows the doors off of my logic and opens me to a new world, a new paradigm of thought.  She said once in a weather report something to the effect of “in 3D, our outside world is a projection…in 5D, a reflection. 

 Brilliant, right?  Of course it is..because in 3D we create our world thru the filters of our unconscious aspects…projecting our unclaimed (shadow) aspects on our outer environment (people, places, things) so that we can SEE ourselves clearly/illuminate any darkness.  In 5D, where we are “lit” from within and cast no shadows…our world becomes a reflection of where, when and how we are (consciously) expressing our energy in the world.  In other words, in 5D we know and therefore can see ourselves in everything, in every-One, which gives us the absolute responsibility of taking responsibility for it all. Victim to Victor.

And this is where we are right now.

We are working out some major core kinks…clearing, opening & refining what the unseens call our “power station”.  They are referring to our soular plexus in that we constantly broadcast signals from this “station” to  either attract or repel our wildest dreams, all based on the amount of personal power (read:responsibility) we are willing to claim for creating e.v.e.r.y. aspect of our lives.  This is what it means to become the nucleus of our world.  When WE become the center-point by which all of life rotates around, only then do we understand, in an experiential way, how everything in our world is just an extension of our creation.

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