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Before awakening Activation of the body chakras

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
submitted by Shazi
Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

Hello Son,

Let’s talk about the activation of the body chakras.

Let me tell you that they have been all activated however you must learn to get them working. It was the same for me when I started, I did not feel anything different had happened. It is easier to explain when we refer the chakras as car engines inside the body. Now that you have been given the key to your engine, you and only you can put the key in the ignition and start the engine. For each chakra there are various exercises to activate and get them functioning. The third eye chakra, you are already doing the correct exercise and that is meditation. At the same time as you build up the meditation over the weeks, the other chakras inside the body will increase their vibrations and start feeding the body.

The energy fields associated with each of them will mingle together and their inbuilt programming will start. You will not have to do anything as there is no control on your part. For example, when breathing in and out, which we take as a natural process, you have no control over. The process once it’s activated it will ignite other chakras in the body.

The heart chakra is fully functioning and it is why you are able to channel with me. This heart chakra together and in conjunction with the meditation will quickly open up the others, so be patient.

This morning you felt a tingling sensation in your navel; this is because it’s becoming activated. This navel chakra is the next one to function and its inbuilt programming will work throughout the cells in that region. Remember from yesterday that each cell contains a program file which is waiting to be opened and read. These cells are all excited that they are now going to function, because they too have been waiting to show off what they contain inside. So let the process happen and in due course everything inside will be like a fully tuned engine roaring down the road.

When I too was learning and was not fully developed, it was like being in different emotional zones. I could not wait for things to happen and I too wondered what will happen next. The key to all of this is to increase your meditation and concentrate on the areas that are going to be activated. Some will work with other chakras and open up at the same time. It will be like a chain reaction or a circuit that works together once the electricity has started to flow inside of them.

Now let’s take a break and remember to do meditation as much as possible regardless of the time.

Your mother the guide to all knowledge and wisdom given by the Creator.

How does the DNA activate?

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
submitted by Shazi
Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

Hello Son,

How does the DNA activate?

The secrets of God’s creation and attributes of God are stored in the DNA in every living soul, if they only knew. This knowledge can be only accessed through the consciousness of the higher self. In this consciousness, the lights are more refined and we are not polluted by the realms of this third dimension. In this present dimension, it is polluted with so many distractions; we only have to look at our thoughts and realise how scattered they really are. Not only this but silencing the chatter in the mind is so difficult. A person has enormous difficulty in silencing his mind and even concentrating, because of the pollution that surrounds the world.

You must practice regularly linking to your higher self by meditation and channelling. This is the only way when your body functions will start working.

The higher self is a wavelength that can read the knowledge hidden away in the strands of the DNA. It acts like reading glasses to interpret the knowledge. If we get the wrong reading glasses then we cannot see very well and everything will look like a blur.

The more you link to me the more you are giving the chance to read the records inside each DNA. I will guide you to that path, but you must be patient. You have done extremely well in the last ten weeks, look how far you have travelled in searching for the truth.

This desire to learn must not diminish, keep the interest going. The Creator is pleased with you and is keen that you succeed. The routine that you have created for yourself is going to work so keep going.

The higher self accessed through meditation will lead you to paths that you could not dream about.

Your mother that will show you in person the wisdom of the Creator.

The Universality Of Devotion

Truth reverberates throughout the aeons,
nudging every lost soul back to the lost word of redemption.

Refusing to repeat the stylized life habits
of semi merry men and semi wed women,
this humble human lifetime is the chalice that
the Christ drinks from.

Seeing kinsmen live with kinsmen,
the true brotherhood of life universal is
left unseen by the wandering eyes of the selfish.

Immortality being useless unless used
for salvational works, the universality of devotion
is comparable to an ocean of stars where everyone is included.

Alive while living and alive while dying,
these alms which I offer to you are
of the lost word of the Father.

Hearing the babbling of millions of busy mouths,
the Father shall silence them when their time is near.

Walking through all of the garbage that is sold
by merchants of cheap hearts,
there are many who are living but who is
blissfully living in the Truth of God’s Grace.

Even if the Savior were to appear among
their congregations of mundanely human affairs,
heckles and laughter would be all that
they could possibly bear.

Ruled for aeons by the desires of the beasts,
the soul of salvation pleads to the Father
for less hard labor.

Working with the intelligence of an ox and a shovel,
what else is there of life besides struggling for some grains.

Fed up of munching on hay and oats,
my animalistic stomach once tied me down
to this field of constant rebirths.

Having a cane or walking stick for my wife,
how many millions of lives will pass me by
before I awaken to the Truth of My Self.

Exploring the infinities of space,
all that I saw were isolated jeweled planets
absorbed in their own processes of creation and destruction.

Living entities being conveyors of cosmic phenomena,
live up to your rights as children of the Most Blessed One.

Leading the blind to love of God, the gospels breathe
into my soul a breath of fresh air.

Tragedy upon tragedy, the Father and I have
seen it all; for everything becomes the Father
when the Father becomes the All.

Giving sight to Joseph as He interpreted the dreams
of the lame kings of Egypt, that same Joseph is in you
now as you shed new light in the scriptures.

A rabbi and an altar boy, the Lord directs the wanderings
of the meek and humble.

Taking special favor on His one and only Son,
the lamp of God’s perceptions needs
to be handed on over.

On the rooftop of the world, the lost word is vocalized.

Peace be unto the Father, for the Father is in me.
Peace be unto the Son, for the Son is All that can be.
Peace be unto the Spirit, for the Spirit is in Love.

In love with all that can be and with all that is in me,
the lost word is the call that is heard by Adam,
Abraham, and all of the prophets of the three time zones.

Forming a new covenant with each human desire,
money, sex, fury, and passion are the bones
of my existence that will eventually be
thrown to the dogs of savage time.

One on one with the grace that is salvation,
why did I wait so long for what I was seeking.

Playing all of the cards that are in my deck,
the beauty of the Mother of Intelligence
finally lifted Me above the abyss of death.

Placing Me on Her lap, I am called to be a mouthpiece
for the One without a conceivable beginning.

Getting out of the soul’s encasings with
a thrust of universal devotion,
the Truth now reverberates through and by Me.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

In support of reincarnation.

* I am not an eloquent writer, but I feel the need the put this aspect of my beliefs out on the table for your comment and reading consumption.

* Look around and observe how many things in life operate in circles, also referred to as cycles. Huge bodies in the universe, galaxies, planets, moons and...at the opposite end of the spectrum... the atom with it's electrons, protons and neutrons...all cycle, spin, repeat their movements. The blood within our body cycles. The Eco-system on the planet cycles.
LOGIC: If so much of life operates in cycles, it stands to reason that our
existence would be included in this scenario in some way.

* Do a bit of investigating starting with the Periodic Table of Elements. Here please locate 3 elements; Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon.
Hydrogen: The most abundant element, found in 90% of the universe.
Oxygen: The third most abundant element, found in the sun.
FACT: An adult human being is composed of approximately 60% water.
FACT: water is composed of 2parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen. (H2O)
LOGIC: 60 % of our body's structure is found in 90% of the universe.
Carbon: It is found in abundance in the sun, stars, comets, and
atmospheres of most planets.
FACT: Organic (carbon-based) compounds are found in all living things.

* Ask yourself this question; What are the chances of your exact mental attributes (that which makes you...you) reincarnating again if "time" were never ever an issue?
LOGIC: It makes no difference when you reincarnate, just that you will,
because if you have no perception of "time" after you die,
that reincarnation could seem instantaneous.

* There is one more consideration.
FACT: Love, nurturing, joy, happiness, whimsy, imagination, are a few
emotional attributes that are found in nature.
LOGIC: We have no right to assess the workings of the universe by
employing logic and science alone, for such inclinations of
thought are only half the story.

* To wrap this all up.
We are human beings, as well as a spiritual "being" composed
of elements shared with all the universe, and of light (remember
oxygen is found in the Sun) energy. Our existence cycles
(reincarnates) as does many aspects within the universe.
Because emotion is such a huge component of the universal
energy, we, as spiritual beings, nurture and lovingly direct our
destiny through self determination.

Marriage and Marriage

Real marriage offers nothing to the ego. It scares the ego. The ego does not like anything insecure. Real marriage feels very insecure. Because it is insecure, it is authentic and substantial. False marriage is an institution. Humans created this false marriage. They created it with papers and inks. Once you sign a paper, you feel more secure. This is not marriage. Nothing authentic could be built on fear.

What the world calls marriage is not marriage at all. Until the paper is signed, the man is afraid of losing the woman. The woman is afraid of losing the man. How could this be real? Love and fear cannot cohabit. Love and insecurity cannot live together. This fear follows them into the marriage. Spouses constantly assuming that someone will take their partner away from him or her. How could this be love? Spouses worrying that their partner will leave them. How could this be love?

Because they have so much fear and insecurity, they will make sure they control the other person. You will always seek to control, when you feel insecure. Love does not offer any security. It does not need it. Before houses are rented, the owner may ask for security deposit. This is asked in case you will cause some damages to the house. The landlord will use your security deposit to fix whatever damages you caused. This is what the signed marriage paper has become. It is a security deposit.

Real love does not look for safety. It naturally trusts. It takes the risk of freedom. Real love tells you to be who you want to be, to stay where you want to stay, to go where you want to go. This freedom scares the ego. Yet, this freedom is the essence of real marriage. Love does not need anything to feel complete. The ego wants to feel needed. The ego wants to feel looked after. The ego wants to feel cared for.

Love feels complete. Love feels full. Love does not control. This love is real marriage. It is completeness contemplating itself unfolding in another person. Love does not interfere. It suggests. It witnesses. It feels empty to thee ego. It feels dry to the ego. It scares the ego. Because it does not ask for anything.

Love is not after your insurance money. It is not after your fame. It is not after your attention. It is not after your praises. It is not after your look. It is not after your skin color. It is not after your religion. It is not after your sexual performance. It is not after making children. It is after nothing.

If there is anything this love will be after, it will be after serving you. How? It will be an avenue for you to grow, to see yourself, to improve, and to become the full expression of your authentic SELF. Once a man and a woman understand this from the beginning, they have entered into marriage with marriage.

This freedom will blossom with a new definition. This freedom means you have now become slave to truth. Once you are slave to truth, you can no longer return to lies. Being slave to truth is to be free. Being insecure and afraid is being slave to lies. Only when you are free, you are able to love. When you are free, you need not to secure your marriage on physical evidence. This truth is silently known. Upon this truth, you may build your wedding, which is supposed to be a celebration of real marriage.

As this freedom grows, man and woman begin to serve one another. The man sees his wife as the female representation of God. The woman sees her husband as the male representation of God. In this mystical marriage, the act of making love becomes the worship of the Divine. The touch of the body becomes the touch of a sacred temple, where the mind and the heart come to kiss the face of God. From this face wonderful children are born.


I Love You This Big

"Come with me," he says, holding out his hand.

I am speechless. I shouldn't have called to him. He came to me as soon as my thoughts wandered back to the classroom. It wasn't time for class, I just can't keep him out of my thoughts. He gazes on me with those amazingly blue eyes that seem to bore through me.

"You wanted a lesson, my student. Come with me."

When I place my hand in his, a chill runs through me. Can he sense it? Of course he can. I want to cower under the blankets on my bed and hope he'll forget my school-girl crush.

"It is all right, my dear. It is quite understood." He gingerly holds my hand, leading me to the lakeside pier outside my apartment. We walk in the silence punctuated by the drumming in my chest as the sun sets in a splash of color. I marvel at how the purple in the sunset matches the color of Teacher’s snug T-shirt.

My thoughts wander again and I come to a dead stop. "What do you mean?" I choke the words past the lump in my throat. My question falls into my shoulder as I turn from his gaze.

Teacher tips my chin toward him. “You have feelings for me. It’s alright. Teacher-crushes are quite human. I understand. Especially when it comes to me.”

That sounded a little condescending, but I can’t believe my teacher to be so snooty. I find myself repeating my last question. “What do you mean by that?”

“I didn’t mean it to sound that way.” He smiles, removing his hand from my chin and leaving me with a tingle that misses his touch. “You understand that when I am not with you I am one with Source.”

I whisper an awed “Yes.”

“Source is love. All love.” He waits for the fact to settle into the memory of one of our earlier lessons. “In human terms, that love feels very similar to what you define as an all-consuming romantic love.”

“Then it’s normal? How I feel is normal?”

“Quite normal. As our lessons continue, you will find that your ability to share that love with others will grow. You will find yourself telling total strangers that you love them, and you truly will love them. You will want to share this love that comes from Source.

“But be careful. You do not want to confuse this love with the true love of a lifetime companion. That is something much more intense than this crush will ever be.”

This explanation somehow eases my nerves. So my crush is normal? All these weeks of childish poems scribbled on scraps of paper suddenly make sense. I smile and reach my hand out toward him, “So you were taking me for another lesson?”

“Ah, yes, my dear. So I was.” He places a hand on the top of my head. “We’re going to have to change some things first.”

An intense beam runs through me, from crown to root, and lifts me into the air. I feel light. And small. My lungs fill easily when I breathe. Teacher changes, but it is not into the dragonfly. His wings are the mauve-tipped wings of a seagull. He flaps a burst of air in my direction and the air rustles over my arms, but my arms aren’t arms. They are feathered wings of the purest white.

He notes my impending question, “I have just changed you for this lesson, fear not. I heard your question earlier. You still wonder how worthy you are of our love. I want you to accept that this world was created by Source for you. That’s how much we love you.”

As I grow used to the wings of a seagull, the flight soaring over the world I had thought to be insignificant turns the world majestic. Suddenly, I feel worthy. I am loved, and this love is the stuff dreams are made of.

I’ll see you when I come back down, dear friends. Until then, much love to you. I mean it – much love.

The Dragonfly’s Student

P.S. I believe I will never stop crushing on teacher, though.

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Gravitate Toward Wellness Again 2-8-13

Moderate your activity today, especially stress.
So, take the time to reflect and settle your frazzled nerves with some needed rest.
Opposing Energies: workaholic, exhaustion, anxiety
Even if the day and evening is socially busy, groups are the vehicle to demonstrate your skills and dazzle others with your keen intellect and personal mastery; particularly in the business of promoting.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: recuperation, harmony, protection
A slight health issue is beginning to gravitate toward wellness again, creating a sense of stability.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

one of my poems

Today is a new day even though complications still seem to rise,
I promised myself that no matter what I am going to survive.

I cherish every moment and memory,
I miss my children because they are my only babies.

It has been almost 3 years,
still to this day I cry tears.

They been away for so long,
I hate the fact that they are gone.

Everything happens for reasons,
which I seriously believe in.

Being without my children has been very challenging but lessons I am learning.

I love you Kevinjr.,Devin, and Elijah R.I.H KALENA AND NEAVAEH

Day 4 Tapping World Summit - Pain Relief

Day 4 - 2013 Tapping World Summit - Topic - Pain Relief


It’s Day 4 of the 2013 Tapping World Summit

Tonight sessions are on Pain Relief:

Session #1:
The Simple Way to Tap Away Those Constant Headaches

Session #2:
Put an End to Your Pains with EFT

Register Here

2013 Tapping World Summit Free Online EFT Event



Healing Your Family

Healing Your Family

Somebody… anonymous… wrote this. Anonymous… my favorite source on the internet! Whether you grew up in an Ozzie & Harriet, or the Addams Family… you have family karma. Family karma is encoded in the cells of your body... the very structures of your thoughts, and all the ties of your emotions. In short… it’s running your show. Sometimes you hear karma as a voice in your head and other times the words come right out of your mouth. Remember thinking, “I will never say that to my children”? Either way, it limits your life.

Your family cast you into a rigid familiar role. Are you the most beloved of the family, or are you the black sheep? It matters little which one you are. Every karmic role traps you into a predetermined thought, speech, and action. It becomes an endless season of re-runs… decade after decade. You know every joke. You know everything before it’s spoken… with your family. Family karma kind-of moves your life along on auto-pilot. It propels you to down a program… define a karmic path. You seem to be making choices, but really you’re compelled to choose by karmic momentum. But this karmic trajectory is only fixed to the degree that your family karma remains unresolved or unhealed. It is very possible to heal family karma. To do so liberates your soul from constrictive circumstances so you can live a life of choice... your choice. And your life will have more choice, courage and compassion.

You know, you can be going along on a perfectly lovely day, and BAM!... a certain look from somebody… a certain tone of voice… someone that sounds like your mother or father, or looks like your mother or father… triggers an action or a reaction. Think about it. Who in your family triggers your reaction? Believe me… they don’t have to be alive to have this power. Everyone has one or more key trigger people from their family. Those are the people who seemingly without any effort, with a look, can push your buttons, and trigger an all out karmic meltdown. Its frutstrating to find yourself repeating these old emotional patterns, and getting caught up in this eternal repetitive drama. But it’s not necessary to continue this pattern.

Heal Your Family Karma
Why is it so hard to heal family karma? You cannot be talking to your parents, brothers and sisters, live 5000 miles away, and still be triggered repeatedly. The patterns that were learned and reinforced in your early years are deeply encoded in your mind, body, and heart. You can’t become free by thinking about it or even understanding your own personal history.
First you must retire the karma you have generated in your present life. This is your personal karma. As you recognize conditions and situations you have created that are uncomfortable… that do not serve you well… that cause you distress… you must take the steps necessary to change those conditions and situations.

Perhaps you find yourself in a line of work that is not really suited to you. Perhaps you’re in a relationship with someone who is just like your mother or father. You may have hurt other people with your own words. It’s up to you to retire your karma by taking healing remedial actions that lead to more desirable outcomes.

Second, you have to work on the karma of your family. Your parents, your grandparents, your forbearers, to free yourself from unintended karma. Perhaps you’re fulfilling the ambition of your great grandparents who you have never met… rather than your own. Sometimes you deal with situations in family-typical ways you recognize only after they’re over… that it’s not you.

Third, you have to retire the karma generated in your previous lives. This is working with healing your own personal karma. When you realize that your life is encumbered with the results of your choices… then your parents choices… residue from past lives… great, great grandfathers and forefathers… you’ll start learning to heal the wounds and right the wrongs and heal your family.

Alright… take a deep breath. Hold up your right hand. This represents the male side of your lineage. I want you to see this going up 16 levels… so that’s spread out like a big V. Now hold up your left hand. This represents the female side of your lineage. And what it looks like is your mom, your mom’s mom and dad, your dads mom and dad, and on and on for 16 levels. It looks like a big V.

And in your own words, in your own mind, gently and easily, send healing backwards to your ancestors, your forbearers, to your parents, your grandparents, great- great grandparents, your great uncles, and aunts, your nephews and nieces… and everyone. Send it through your genes, your dna… send a healing. Once the healing is growing and once the healing starts glowing… patterns, diseases, liabilities, idiosynchrocies, the capacity to react instead of act. Gently and easily feel both sides of the family with liquid light, and have it flow down all the generations, all the way to your parents, and then to you.

Now take both of your hands and put them on your heart. Not one over the other. Just both hands on your heart, and let your heart take in the healing. This is a one-time healing. This is like adding a feather… to healing your generations. You must find a way to send fire and earth, spirit, water, the four elements, to send emotions… love, nourishment, light, service, gratitude, all energies… keeping in mind your family trees on both sides.
To heal the dna. To heal the patterns. Each one of these persons lived thousands and thousands of days, repeated a pattern tens of thousands of times, that their children repeated, and that you’re repeating it. But listen… when you heal your family, when you give your family light, you give an invitation to all your cousins… to 32 steps away from you… for people to heal. Your nieces and nephews, to people you’ve never even met. You give them an invitation, and make it easier to come to their consciousness to heal the family.

I don’t care whether you see waterfalls, or buckets of gold, or you see angels, and you name all the ascended masters, and you keep this lineage alive. I don’t care what you use to heal. Be it positive… be it appropriate. Heal your family and heal your mother and father’s stuff. Take a deep breath.

The Big One
You know… we’re all looking a home… a home outside ourselves. We look for a place where we’re comfortable and we’re at ease. As you spiritually mature, you find out that home is in your heart! Home is right here. Wherever you go, there you are. How do we think egotistically, that not talking to mom and dad, that not talking to our brothers and sisters and cousins… because they offended us, because it became too much for life… because we can ignore 50% of our own dna. That we say to our family… I won’t talk to you… that you hurt me… we argue… and when you leave your family… there… who you are… the dna… whether they were idiots and creative… you can’t separate the idiot and creative part and just keep the creative. Your home is inside your heart. It is made up of your strongest, your most familiar, weakest characteristics. It is the best of you and the worst of you. If you cannot accept the family outside of yourself, you cannot accept the family inside of yourself.

Healing your family doesn’t mean you have to talk to them. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend Thanksgiving with them. What it means is that you have to accept them. You can forgive them. You don’t have to forget the lessons they taught you. But as long as you keep space between you and your family, as long as you think “I’ll never talk to them again… my family’s not worth it.” … I don’t care what’s been done. I don’t care what’s happened. You are a soul. You were standing on the edge of the Guf and the Bardor going “Bring it on this lifetime! I’ll take anything! I’m an old soul. Bring it on! Bring on my essence so I can be a stronger healer! Bring on my lessons! I can do this!” And then we were born. We went through the veil of forgetfulness, and now we can’t forget what mom and dad did to us. And we can’t forget what our cousins said at Thanksgiving. And we have home genes and dna… and we can’t forgive, we can’t forget, we can’t connect to our creativity because Uncle John was gay, and he said it in front of the whole family, and he was an artist, and I can’t believe that in the 50’s or 60’s that he’s Uncle Gay John told the whole family and the whole family pushed him out, and why did he make our family stand out there with a gay uncle? But he painted and he decorated, and now when you go to create, your judgement of Uncle John stands there between you and your creativity. You can’t paint or draw, you get started, or it turns out awkward because you can’t access that dna. If you can’t access the good stuff, you can’t access the bad stuff to heal it anyway.
Home and family is your blood. They are your greatest teachers. You can go to any guru around this planet and any master, or ascended master, and they cannot teach you as much as your blood can teach you, cause your soul picked being born. Right there, right then, right now, those circumstances to raise this vibration. On your judgement, ruining your home. All your fears of being like mom or dad, ruining your home is your pride, and you’re spiritual above all that. Wrecking your home.
Home is inside of you. It is your dna. It is your assets. It is your liabilities. It is the creepiness of the Addams family, and the creepiness of Ozzie & Harriet… where everything’s perfect. It’s all of that. But you, you must become one, you must become comfortable, you must become whole with your family. I don’t say to you to be and do what they said… I say to you accept it, that they are who they are. Take your judgements, take your aloofness, take your disgrace and pack it away.

The pretty building you live in. Any house or apartment, and RV or tent you live in, is only a house until you bring yourself, your lineage, your ancestors. All of the assets, all of the liabilities together inside of you. And if you can’t bring those liabilities then you can’t heal them. You chose this soul to be a lightworker or you wouldn’t be in this church. You chose this soul because you had the power to heal this family. What is in the way? Time, words, judgement? It is your choice to heal yourself. To become whole in the home inside of you… and good, bad, strange, icky, weird, lovable, normal… become home with it. It is your choice. And accept it so you too can heal your family. Thank you.

The Leader That Followed His Heart

For a man that has seen the world, and been in the spotlight since birth, peace and seclusion from the world for a while may be what is needed for him to become the greatest self he can be. For a man that has never seen anything, and never had a following, going out into the world may be what is needed for him to become the best that he can be. Either way, neither of these men are right or wrong. What does not work for you, may work for another, and what works for another may not work for you.

There is always more than one way to get home, yet traveling down the same exact path as another is not that exciting. The real adventure is in the mystery, and the mystery has not yet be labeled with do's and don'ts, will's and won'ts. The mystery is full of surprises and unlimited possibilities. There is always more than one way of looking at anything, yet looking at things from the same point of view will more than likely give you a printout of everything that confused you about life in the first place.

Bravery is not being who others want you to be, bravery is knowing who you are and living from that place of knowing!

So when you make a mistake, don't be so hard on yourself. For a mistake is only a mistake when you feel like you have did the opposite of what you thought another expected from you. But when you truly live life on your own terms, there are no mistakes. There are no mistakes because you know that you make the rules. And since you know that you make the rules, you know that you can bend rules that you feel you have crossed, in order to make those rules fit the choice that you made. This is what optimism truly is. The ability to look at what is and see the beauty in it, even if it is not the exact vision of the outcome you first had. The only mistake is following another, for if you follow another you are not a creator, you are a copier. But since you are a creator your mistakes are only ways of letting you know that you did not come here to follow, but to lead and you lead by being creative.

A true leader is one who can reflect back to you the true leader within you.

Follow your heart, and train your mind to only think when necessary. Feel your way through life. This is why you have an emotional guidance system. Guide yourself from within.

~Robbie Cornelius aka ~Robbie Night Owl~

Disappearing Body Meditation


Slowing the mind down allows the body to release from its shackles of physiological and kinesthetic sensation. At times when this happens, the world as we know it becomes something other than that which we are familiar with in everyday life. The phenomenon of the “disappearing body”, where the sensical awareness of the body literally “disappears”, and what is left in its place is what I described as the “electron effect”–one’s being existing in a blanket of probable positions around the local environment–is such a time.

For meditators, the “disappearing body” phenomenon may not be a new thing, but if you’ve never experienced it before, or are wondering how to experience it again, then I’m here to help you initiate it, if you wish. If you’ve ever laid completely still, and released yourself from kinesthetic feeling, then you’ve most likely come into contact with this body-cloaking experience.

The Meditation
As is usual, find a place and time where/when you will experience no interruptions, and commence relaxation. If you are laying on a bed or the floor (as opposed to sitting cross-legged or in a chair), as you are relaxing your muscles, breathe in through the nose, and feel as the air passes soothingly over the epithelial surfaces lining your respiratory tract (inside your nose and down into your lungs). Once the breathing becomes steady and relaxed with each exhalation, picture the surface that your body lays upon as melting together with your body, as you relax deeper. Continuing like this with every exhalation of breath, you may notice the volume of breath becoming diminished somewhat. When the body approaches the cusp of the normal functioning of the ordinary physiological/non-physical dividing line, it will often decrease its need for consumption of all kinds. Many people talk about how they are scared that they will stop breathing at this stage, but since it is such a common phenomenon, just know that it is alright–you will not stop breathing. Matters that involve the subconscious commander of your body stepping behind the wheel and directing the course of your being when it comes to meditation, is not something that will lead you astray. Just let go here, and trust your own mind and body.

It will likely begin as a tingling in the limbs, or some may experience it in the abdomen or forehead (the third eye). Slowly as you let go even further, it will propagate up the arms (or down from the head to the body if you are sitting), and “illuminate” your core with tingles and/or vibration. At this stage, it will feel as though the body has disappeared from a determinable location, and instead is replaced with radiating electricity–this is most notable in the limbs. Now you are in the state of “no body”. When this state arises, try not to force it to stay because it feels pleasant, or force upon it any will whatsoever. Just observe it, and let it do as it will. For some, it may not last very long, especially in the beginning, and if in fact that happens, then do not get frustrated, for you can always try the exercise again at another time.

At the end of your session, rub your palms together until they are warm, place them over your eyes (if they are closed), then open them, slowly.

MoR004----- Fulfilling ones Needs

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
submitted by Shazi
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MoR004----- Fulfilling ones Needs

When we analyse the beginnings of Adam to the present time

we realise that when Adam was thrown out of the light world into the Earth,
he had no knowledge of the Earth.

After arriving into this matter world, he experienced the needs and demands of the physical body.

When these needs became intense, he realised that in order to sustain life, he had to fulfil these needs.

Take care

Tales of a Seeker

How I started my journey and how I met my master.....

The wise say that you do not choose your master, the master chooses you….

I started my spiritual journey in Dec 1994 after a spiritual realization that there is more to life than it seems .There is a dimension which may be available, if we just keep becoming aware of our thoughts. Interested, I started my research, read books on spirituality, and found that all religions were talking of a realm and a process which was the same which I had intuitively discovered.

I also remembered two incidents in my childhood which were very special to me, which were actually windows to something beautiful and extra normal. I as a child had dismissed them due to two reasons- I was unable to recreate them again and did not then realize the full significance. I know now that what these enlightened masters talk of is not false, and that truly, we are right now lost and that we require to go home.

The timing in 1994 was also crucial, since before that I used to stay within a shell and there was no purpose or passion in my life. After this incident, I started challenging myself and pushing my boundaries especially wherever any risk /danger was involved and kept noting how my mind is behaving during those moments.

I started doing meditation. Serious Stuff. Amazing- how joyful and wonderful it was!!!

I used to think that I was special and that Existence had a wonderful plan for me. I was on a big Ego trip and I just did not realize it. How wrong I was!!!!The joy in anything and everything will one day vanish and meditation is no exception. I started hitting walls in meditation. The Joy vanished, the bliss went away. What was once natural and came easily, I started to struggle. I also knew my ego had become much subtler and very clever. I had not taken any Guru or Master, and now, I knew that I needed one.

I started getting involved in one particular book- A particular Indian treatise on illusion/Vedanta philosophy, a very intellectual book and for three years I was into that…(something like the book in Harry Potter’s series which hypnotizes you). I used to live, eat and breathe the stuff. All this with no Guru!!! – Well, At least, no one has ever accused me of cowardice!!!! I was growing into an intellectual idiot!!!

With desperation and growing self- realization on my limitations, I started looking for a Guru. Many places, ashrams were visited, but somehow, intuitively, I felt that I did not belong to any of them. Either, the feeling was that the place was not for me, or I felt that I would just get lost in such a big and crowded place. I prayed to existence to show me the way.
Summer of2004-I had gone for a solo trek in the Himalayas with my rucksack which included a small tent and a sleeping bag .Modus operandi-No goals, no guides, just keep going wherever one likes!!

I reached a place high up in the Himalayas called Tapovan(height 4300m).Late afternoon, I quickly laid out my tent in the meadow near a small hut which doubled up as a provider of food/tea to weary travelers. In the evening, I took out my newly bought flute and thought I will try out some music after dinner. The hut was quite cosy with a few people and I enquired if any of them knew how to play a flute, since I was keen to learn.

One amongst them asked me whether I would like to know how to play the inner flute which is inside us. Intrigued, I met him the other day. I continued to stay and meditate in Tapovan for nearly a week and met this very interesting person every day…I did not know it then, But I had met My Guru, my living Master. Existence had heard my prayers!! Smile

And, a small Prayer to end this blog-
Oh my Master, even today, when I fight with you, or I am just annoyed with you, please forgive me. I am still thankful to you and Existence for finding this poor beggar and looking after him with such compassion and love. Thank you!


February 7, 2013 an easy relaxing 20 mile meditative run, “When you become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then you’ll come to realize what you were dragging around with you.
And for that, no one else other than you was responsible.”
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