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Thanks for being a friend

Thanks for being a friend

My Lady! your smile so sweet so wanting
A heart so filled with love
Your eyes a glow with pleasure
I can only believe you came from the gods above

Your style your grace your manner
All the thing you are and all the things you lend
I will always need your friendship
And all the time we spend

You help me in my laughter
And cry with me when sad
You’re here for me and I for you
For that I’m truly glad

Love comes and lovers go
For in life this so true
But a friendship is forever
That’s why I love you!!!!!

The Trials Of Initiation

Frantically running through a bleak and
seemingly unending tunnel
of resentful feelings,
none of what I have accomplished
in terms of spiritual development
is enough to pacify
the raging storm that is samsara.

Lost amidst the crashing waves
of social unrest and cultural dormancy,
it is as if no one can hear
the sorrowful cries of all sentient beings.

Undergoing the trials of initiation,
the masters of the buddha dharma
are hesitant to unleash what
is profoundly wise to
the profoundly ungrateful.

Witnessing all of my erroneous
thoughts, emotions and actions
flashing as quickly
as a thousand thunder bolts,
the only thought that keeps me on
track is the thought of sustained self improvement.

Pushing myself to the limits of existence,
compassion is the healing medicine
needed for all of my past mistakes.

Regressing to the point
of insignificant forms of consciousness,
I was a drop of water
from the Himalayan mountains
and a grain of sand
in the sea of endless confusions.

Eating worms as a bird
and animals while a human,
when will I stop consuming other
sentient beings in order to
fuel my own minute energy levels.

Climbing out of these animalistic propensities,
one day the buddha dharma will be mine.

Engaged in awakening others
from samsara's trance,
the sound of enlightenment
manages to soothe my troubled and tormented mind.

Ringing and vibrating like an avalanche,
my sense of reality crumbles
each time my lama
enunciates the words of the Buddha.

Emanating with the wisdom rays
of sky like liberation,
the intelligence of sincerity
is equal to the blossoming of
the mind of awakening.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

~ How to Become a Manifesting Master ~ By Jafree Ozwald ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern ~

How to Become a Manifesting Master

Written by Jafree Ozwald


"In order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn't mean you give up your intention to create your desire, and you don't give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result." ~Deepak Chopra

Manifesting is the science of attracting what you want into your life with effortless ease and joy. Based on the law of attraction which states "like attracts like", and through the power of placing your attention on your intention, you can learn how to effortlessly receive anything you can imagine. By adding feelings of great joy mixed with the sensation that your desire has already come to fruition, you can see miraculous manifestations show up in your world. For example, if you're continuously feeling, thinking, and vibrating like a millionaire, you're bound to attract those millions to you in some form. The money just seems to want to find its way into your life naturally.

Manifesting is a natural power we all have, and at the core of reality you already are a powerful manifesting magnet who can attract anything you want, whenever you want it. If you don't realize this amazing truth, you may have not spent enough time placing your attention on it so that it sinks completely in. We can train ourselves to believe in anything if we want it bad enough. If you're not manifesting everything you want, you may be caught in the dramas of life, trying to achieve XYZ and simply forgot how powerful you truly are. You may forgotten that the Universe is working for you, and not against you, and that it has this natural tendency to send an abundance of good things your way. When you can relax enough, and let a continuous river of joyful feelings come flooding inside, you'll start to realize how you are constantly manifesting everything you experience in the physical world.

When it comes down to manifesting very specific things in your life, there are a few basic principles which can make all the difference in the world. The first is knowing that those who live an amazing life, one that is rich with loving abundant healing experiences, only comes through being connected to the God Source. All failure, poverty and sickness in life comes from feeling and thinking you are separate from the God Source. When you are relaxed, feeling deeply centered in your body, and quiet in your mind, you can feel your deepest intimate personal connection to this amazing healing power. Trying to manifest anything in the world without this divine connection will only lead to desperation, struggle and fruitless results. When feeling relaxed and aligned with this divine connection, you'll always attract positive outcomes followed with greater wisdom, love and freedom.

Feeling connected to the God Source is the foundational ingredient needed for becoming a master of manifesting. From the master's perspective, desires may manifest, or they may not manifest, and it really doesn't matter. The master doesn't care so much about the desired physical outcome because the real goal is still the same. The goal is to be happy, deeply happy inside with who you are, exactly the way you are and the way your life is. When you are not attached to thinking that manifesting your desires are going to make you happy, then you are free. The manifesting master inside you knows that he/she can become momentarily "happy" when a desire manifests, yet this happiness means nothing compared to this infinite loving power of the God Source within.

Attachment to the outcome is the main hindrance in manifesting. Whenever you become attached to something, simply look inside at what part of "me" is attached. Ask yourself, "Who is attached?" What part of this little "me" needs to have XYZ happen in order for me to be happy? It is your mind that is attached, not you. Attachment is a form of poverty consciousness which stems from a deeper disconnection to the God Source. It's the ego's way of trying to make you feel secure if the God Source is not here. The joke is that the God Source is always right here, right now, and when you become free from attachment, there is also the freedom to manifest the life you desire.

Attachment to any thought, feeling, desire or outcome is also the number one cause of suffering in the world. You can ask anyone who is suffering what they are attached to and immediately you'll see THIS is what's causing their suffering. The very moment the mind gets attached to a thought, a person, a belief or anything for that matter, suffering will soon follow. Just watch closely and you will see! Your body will let you know the moment when you get attached to something, as you suddenly get tense, tight or contracted inside. This is ego's grip of expectation where some part of your body fears that things won't work out the way you want them to work out, as you've started depending on the outer world to make you happy. It's the master who remembers that real happiness does not depend on the outer world, it's an inner state of being of being infinitely connected to our God Source.

Whenever you are attached to a certain outcome to bring you happiness, you are coming from a fearful needy place and ultimately feeling disconnected to the God Source. When you are simply relaxed with yourself, at home in your being, able to rest in your heart, you naturally feel connected with the God Source. This spiritual connection is already the foundation of your being, and finding mastery over it is simply realizing what you already always are. This divine connection really boils down to a moment to moment choice in life. You are always choosing in each moment if you are or aren't connected. You are always choosing if you're coming from trust or fear. Reality is defined in this moment, where you can choose to be happy, feel deeply at peace, empowered and grateful for your life just as it is. You are the eternal choice maker of how you interpret the thoughts passing through you.

"You are given the gifts of the gods, you create your reality according to you beliefs. Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in." ~ Seth

The next great secret to becoming a manifesting master is learning how to have a burning desire for something, yet not get lost in the fire of that desire. It's walking that fine edge between living in this world, yet not of this world. The secret to walking this edge is relaxing into this pure untainted awareness, that is looking through your eyes and listening through your ears. This is your only hope for freedom as it can become very easy to get consumed in the excitement, thrill and wild energy of your desires. We all want to feel truly alive, and when desire hits us everything lights up! Yet, it is the real master who can feel the fire, honor the passionate heat, and not get hooked by the juicy outcome which are expected to manifest. The master chooses instead to be constantly warmed and nourished by the pulsating heart of the God Source within.

Once you're truly detached from all fiery desired outcomes, you will never become upset, irritable, and unhappy with the world. Now it's very important to remember that being detached does not mean being disconnected or not caring about your future. This is a very fine line to walk, and learning to dance along it is what makes you a real master! After the day is done, it all comes down to how deep do you FEEL connected to this God Source (who you truly are). Living 24 hours a day from that all-loving space, you won't need to be attached to any outcome to be happy. You will be the source of happiness itself! Then, manifesting your desired money, lover, car, house, relationship, body etc all occurs effortlessly on its own accord because we are at one with the God Source itself.

I think the most interesting thing is that we feel this connection to the God Source when we are letting go of limiting feelings and beliefs that arise. These limiting thoughts and feelings are the basic "attachments" which cause all the suffering in our lives. If perhaps you don't know what you're attached to, just look at what is causing you the most pain in your life. Behind every pain, an attachment is lurking. Beware of attachments, yet more importantly be aware of them! You may find many little attachments are running your entire life. The good news is that the more you are aware of these attachments, the easier it is to step back from them and not buy into their story. This divine freedom from attachments is what gives you TONS of extra energy and focus to consciously manifest your desires.

The invitation presented for you here is to recognize what is stopping you from taking your next step into becoming a manifesting master. What beliefs are you attached to which you hold onto throughout your day and cannot let go? What's the payoff you're getting for remaining attached to these beliefs? Attachment is happening every time your body feels tense, tight, stressed, confused, upset or grumpy. Every time you are not experiencing great joy, you are attached to something. It will feel like you are swimming against the river, upstream fighting the current and trying to force something to happen by pure will alone. Whenever you feel anything that is not connected to happiness, just ask yourself this simple question, "What am I attached to?" Your freedom and enlightenment is as simple as that!

Everything you want to manifest in love, money, relationships, career, sex, health and energy one day can and will be yours. You simply have to raise your vibration high enough to meet those desires.

Update On My Spiritual Journey

Today I had the chance to do my first readings for myself with my Animal Tarot deck. I haven't had the chance to do a Celtic Cross layout or a yearly forecast yet, but I've practiced some of the smaller layouts. I'm very impressed! The Animal Tarot is so far reassuring me of the guidance I have been hearing from divine sources. I have been very inspired lately and every single card I have pulled is pointing me into the same direction. I am amazed at what I see in my readings. Lately I have provided well over a dozen readings (in the last two weeks). I have had 100% positive feedback. A lot of the keywords I have been receiving in my feedback have been, "uplifting," "accurate," and "helpful." I have been thanked over and over. You are all very welcome by the way. I hope to continue to help others through my readings.

I have recently been pondering what to do with my life. I ask myself frequently, "What direction should I go in next?" Divine Guidance always replies with go for your dreams. I always reply, "With what and how?" Honestly, I struggle with the same things that other people do. I once had a nice job and I was making decent money. My husband (fiance at the time) and I were spending our money left and right and didn't really think twice about it. A lot of things we spent our money on, we needed and a lot of things we didn't. I also spent money on my studies. I was reading so much that I felt like I was a full time student at a local university. All of my studies were about various spiritual topics. I was working full time, being a mom and a fiance, and studying as much as I could as well. Suddenly things around me started crashing down. My sitters were no longer dependable and I was out of options. I took a minimum wage part time job to have more time at home and to help relieve the need for a sitter. The part time job was the worst job I had ever had. It was the most stressful, challenging, and life sucking job I had ever had. Each week that went by I was faced with more struggle. Even though I had taken a big hit to make things better for my family, they were not about to get better just yet. Out of nowhere, my husband and I started looking at a few houses because we saw one for sale down the street from my husband's friend that we like. It was the first house we looked at, the only one we liked, and the one we live in now. My husband's dad happens to be realtor, and my in-laws decided to gift us some money to have a down payment. Divine Guidance suggested that I quit my part time job (over and over until I got tired of hearing it.) I quit right before Thanksgiving which then I was able to prepare us for this big move. I thought I would have a new job in my new city by the end of January (the advice from the Divine). I found that I have only found the answer to what I should do about my job situation. Maybe there was a little misinterpretation. I'm truly blessed though. Although we do live paycheck to paycheck right now, we now own our own home and my daughter is always safe with me. We manifested our home long before my life started turning upside down. Sometimes the crazy turn of events forces you into the things you've manifested! I don't ask how or why it works, I just am grateful for the results.

I was so upset that I've had so many interviews and no job. I was upset that I don't fit into the mold that employers are looking for. My whole life, I have never fit in. The truth is while I was upset, inside I was very prideful that I don't. I feel that I have something to stand for. It is okay to be myself and to have my own views and opinions and my own way of doing things. Divine Guidance suggested I soak up this time with my daughter and continue my spiritual studies. I feel that I have to protect my child (Crystal or Rainbow Child, Not Sure which but labels do not matter here. She is very special.) Being home with her is the best thing for her and for me right now. When I ask what I should do next, the answer is always begin now which means start my spiritual career now. The question arises, how and with what? Randomly the other day, I started my page, Readings by Dragonfly Spirit. It seems to be taking off. My intuition is growing stronger and I can recognize the differences in people's personalities just by seeing pictures of them or by reading a message from them. My dream is to be a psychic healer. I don't know if that is the correct terminology. Combining different types of healing techniques that I will learn and strong intuition, I want to advise and provide healing for people. I would also like to teach people as well. Spiritual Healer, Psychic, Spiritual Counselor. ??? Anyhow I know of my past lives as shamans and in Ancient Egypt as an advanced healer. I want to remember all of these techniques and incorporate new ones to do what I love to do and that is helping people. It is in my heart and I know that is what I'm called to do. In the course of a year I have overcome my childhood filled with emotional abuse, I have begun to stick to my beliefs, and so much more. I have been through the biggest transformation of my life. With new skills I want to help transform the lives of others.

I have talked this over with my husband and he is very supportive of me beginning to do what I truly desire. I'm considering starting a website to offer readings at very affordable prices. I may take some classes to get some more training first. My husband is willing to let me use some of our tax return money to get me into some of the classes to help me further my development. Also, I am going to take classes to become a Reiki Master. I believe I could start my own business or even be employed by someone to provide my services. If I start my own business I would like to be a traveling healer, traveling from home to home to different clients. I want people to be comfortable in their own homes until I can establish a location for business. If my little family is scraping by now just fine, we can for a little while longer until I get the much need classes under my belt. That's exactly what my tarot cards were talking about today. New beginnings, new directions and they all involved spirituality. I don't fit into the world or corporate companies and I shouldn't try to . I should find my own place in the world where I truly belong.

I've never launched a website. I've never ran my own business. I've never stepped out this far on a limb before but I feel that it will be worth it. I believe in myself and I know I can. I'm manifesting support in my neighborhood and within the SN community. My dreams will come true. My goals are big and people can think I'm crazy. They can think that my plans are far fetched. The plans of all successful people tend to be far fetched and I'm proud that I too am now one of them!

I had to share such an inspirational day! Blessings to all!

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Committing to a Partnership 2-10-13

Change is favored with partnerships.
Your change is connected to sharing responsibility in order to achieve self mastery.
Opposing Energies: obstinacy, obsession, limitations
Cooperation is needed, especially in eliminating fear-based thinking.
The biggest fear is of losing your autonomy, especially if planning to, or committing to a partnership or a relationship.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: fresh ideas, new friendships, focus
Try to allow practical development to expand these important relationships, and flourish through them.
Impatience this time actually stimulates momentum toward a financial goal.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Onvoorwaardelijke Vriendschap... Een onderdeel uit de Nieuwe Wereld?


Women: Powerful AND Feminine? The new paradigm of growth through pleasure!

In the pursuit of equality and power, many women have taken on a more masculine role. In their desire to be strong and independent, many women have shut themselves off from their softness, their sensuality, and the feminine energy that not only makes their lives more pleasurable and fulfilling, it gives them a radiant power—and is what men desire most. They have unwittingly closed down the ability to attract the healthy attention they want—from men and women—without even realizing they have done it.
The Art of Feminine Presence™ teaches women to be seen and heard in a way that is powerful and feminine, and supports them in a community of other women who are stepping into this courageous place as well.

For decades we have been talking about the lack of women’s presence in the world, and we have made many positive steps towards lifting more women into power. The problem remains that we have not yet adequately questioned the very definition of power itself.
The Art of Feminine Presence™ helps us redefine what it is to be an empowered feminine woman.

When a woman embodies her feminine essence, her whole life is transformed. She becomes attractive, grounded, and sensual. When she walks into a room, everyone appreciates the glow of her feminine radiance.
Men notice her, including the healthy, loving, masculine ones she desires. She does not need to project a powerful personal to attract the respect she wants. A forced sense of masculine power is nothing compared to the ecstasy, empowerment, and effortless magnetism that are released when a woman activates her feminine essence.
To embody this internal power and pleasure, a woman needs to turn on her feminine.

Our Vision is a world where both the feminine principle and the masculine principle are equally honored and valued – in business, in leadership, in relationships, in society.
When a woman’s feminine energy is disowned or under valued her life suffers. When a culture devalues “the feminine” it can cause serious challenges like the environmental crisis, humanitarian crisis, and a gender identity crisis we face now.

To create a positive world-wide shift we must return to the balance that we have lost. To lead a fulfilling, healthy and passionate life where we create what we want for ourselves and our communities, we must start adding the feminine principle back into our experience to compliment the strong and unwavering masculine.

For more info on taking classes in Arizona contact Sally via private message or like her Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/theartoffemininepresence.sally?ref=hl

For more info on becoming a teacher of this work yourself, go to:http://theartoffemininepresence.com/ Tell them Sally sent you, and you will be treated like a queen! We have trainings world wide. Join the sisterhood movement!



With this work you will:

Develop a strong, magnetic presence that attracts the attention you want: personally and professionally.

More fully understand how connecting to your feminine energy helps you attract and keep the intimate partnership you desire.

How to be more authentic about what you are feeling and howyou want to communicate that.
Learn what YOUR unique feminine essence actually feels like in your body, and how to grow it immeasurably!

Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and feel more safe and at ease with receiving attention.

Learn to energetically protect yourself from predatory energy and thosewho drain you.

Access the most attractive force you have within you – your feminine essence.

Learn a powerful moving meditation that easily accesses profound states of peace and joy, even on the toughest of days.

Experience more passion in your life – particularly your love life.

Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.

Look and feel more confident, healthy, and radiant when you walk into a room.

Tap into an endless source of creative power!

What women are saying....

*I wish I had known this stuff back in the beginning! I no longer feel invisible. Tapping into the feminine has changed the polarity of the relationship between my husband and I and that has been very powerful. It has been a huge transformation to learn how to be in my body in a way that stimulates the Divine Feminine. I love doing it so much because the results of this work are powerful and instant. I love the Art of Feminine Presence work because it gives me actual experiences, instead of concepts.
I feel a sense of solidarity with other women now that I never had before. I see all women as aspects of the Divine Feminine now and because I am aware of that spirit within me, I relate to them as sisters and not rivals. Sally combines the attributes of confident leadership and power with nurturing and safety.~~ Kate Athy, Sedona, AZ

*This is THE most powerful spiritual work I have ever done. Period. Everything in my life began to change after one class with Sally--my radiance, my happiness, ability to receive, my relationships with others including my children, family, men, myself, and Spirit have all changed for the better! And best of all, it's fun, easy, and feels wonderful! ~~ Sherri Tutkus. Boston, MA

*I feel so much more comfortable in my skin. Before I had a lot of fear about whether I was doing everything right, always trying to convince everyone of something, but now I have begun to trust myself fully, and trust the power and love of the feminine presence within. 2000% increase in the areas of personal presence, groundedness, magnetism, radiance, pleasure, confidence, awareness of my connection to my feminine power and boundaries! Sally is a fun, exemplary, and gentle/loving instructor-- I recommend her classes to any woman looking for more comfort, power, and pleasure in her life! ~~ Rebecca Griffin, Sedona, AZ

*Sally has a warmth and presence that instantly creates safety. She has an ability to listen deeply, so I felt seen…felt…held, and heard when I was with her.
I whole heartedly recommend any woman, who wants to go to a deeper level of self-awareness…a deeper level of healing…a deeper level of knowing herself, to sign up to work with Sally. ~~ Patricia Hopkins

*This work is different from anything I've done before because it is experiential, grounded, and bonding, and has reconnected me to the sweetness inside me, while showing me how to set boundaries. We don't have to divorce our femininity to succeed in the business world!
Sally's teaching style is authentic, comfortable, and magic! ~~ Elizabeth Cornell, Cottonwood, AZ


Sally Reeves Conway is a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence™ Teacher, Certified Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner & Mentor, Psychic, Channel, Artist, and Mother. She is a Verde Valley native with a deep connection to the land and people.

One of her missions is to support women to understand and embody their innate feminine power--- and to heal & reconnect the nourishing bonds of the Sisterhood. It is with a joyful heart that she welcomes you to this transformative work. Come home, Sisters.


I’m officially declaring weekends, “Foodstyle”, around Pajamas Notebook. These will be the days that I dedicate to sharing everything about reconnecting with food. With that being said, if you have not yet seen the segment I did on Milwaukee’s, The Morning Blend, check it out here. This will provide some insight about the transformation I went through, however, today I want to let you in on a little secret that most are not aware of.

Fact of the matter is that my “foodstyle” did not start solely based on what was happening with me. Although that was a large piece of it, the process really had begun several months earlier with my husband, Sarg.

It was back in fall of 2011 when Sarg started becoming habitually sick. At first it was one or two nights that he would be up all night in the bathroom. We assumed he must have ate something bad or that he was fighting off a flu bug; but after about a week or so, it moved from two nights to three nights. Another week went by and suddenly Sarg was up at least 4 nights a week. He was literally becoming a slave to the bathroom. We knew there was something serious going on and were determined to figure it out.

We set an appointment for Sarg to see our family doctor. While waiting for the day of his appointment to arrive, I was plagued with the question “What could cause such sudden and severe illness?” I thought maybe an ulcer, a bad flu bug and even had thoughts that it could be something severe like cancer. It was a very scary time waiting to find out what was going on, as Sarg was that sick most of the time.

The day came for Sarg’s appointment… After a long discussion and answering many questions, the Doc looked at us and said, “It’s nothing to worry about… just start exercising more and being more active. That should do the trick”

Insert image of blank stares.

Had he no idea who he was talking too? My husband is an honorably discharged United States Army Soldier for goodness sakes! He is a man that was healthy and lived a very active lifestyle. Exercise more? Seriously? We left the doctor’s office disappointed and went home where Sarg proceeded to be up all night sick as a dog. Again.

Shortly after, we found our way to a local holistic doctor and after many tests, finally had an answer to what was causing so much strife in Sarg’s life… Gluten. Yep, we were told that Sarg had a severe sensitivity to gluten and if he didn’t rid this out of his diet immediately, his health would continue to deteriorate and he would be in for a life of severe sickness and illness.

Would you believe we left his office that day, looked at each other, laughed and then hit up a McDonald’s for burgers and fries? Rid our diet of gluten and wheat?? YEAH RIGHT! Didn’t this doctor know that, that type of lifestyle was a fad and totally pointless?

Yes. Once upon a time, I really thought that. (And did that… yuck!)

It wasn’t until I put myself through an extensive period of education, that our lives were completely changed. I spent an entire month working with Eat, Play, Live and educating myself on ingredients in the so called foods that lined our grocery store shelves. I had NO idea how incredibly damaging gluten was (is) and that I had been eating known carcinogens every single day of my life. Chemicals and additives that CAUSE CANCER, as well as, have been proven to make people addicted to eating them! There was no more denying that the Standard American Diet (SAD) was robbing us of our health… and if you are eating these SAD foods, it’s robbing your health too!

Here is a very simple check list of things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to achieve the best foodstyle possible:

Doubt & Education: It is perfectly okay if you doubt the gluten free/paleo/clean eating lifestyle. It is only with questioning that the education process can truly begin. If you find yourself doubting the damaging effects of gluten, then I urge you to start educating yourself on what it is and how it affects you. I.E. Do you know what ‘gluten’ is? Do you know where gluten comes from? No? Then seek the answers!

You are NOT Alone: If you are suffering from being sick (like Sarg was), if you suffer from any level of depression (like I did), or if you have any chronic health issues of any kind – know you are NOT alone! There are many of us out there that have experienced what YOU are experiencing and have successfully healed ourselves with food. If we can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Reach Out: Anything worth doing cannot be done solely by you, so reach out for help! I partnered up with the amazing ladies at Eat, Play, Live for support, education, advice and everything else that came up during this transformation. They, as well as many others, are there waiting to help you. Reach out!

Reconnect with Food: Plant something. Anything. Care for it and then eat it. The pride you will feel will be amazing. Once you achieve that, move on to planting two things… then three, etc. Take a percentage of your grocery budget and start spending it at a local farmers market. Meet the farmer. Ask where the food comes from. How is it grown and cared for? Take the food home and cook it. The freshness and knowledge of knowing exactly what you are eating, is so incredibly rewarding. Do it!


February 9, 2013 an easy relaxing 28 mile meditative run, “I’m concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet.”

Love's Journey II by Elaine Matos

Love's Journey II
written by Elaine Matos ©

Enticing heavenly motions
invoking energies from the highest Love
soak me in your waterfall of eternal bliss

Exciting, igniting depths
rising harmonic vibratory flames
of a divine tune

I dive in the flares of your galaxies
glowing colorful ribbons attaching to my soul
Seduce me with your enlightenment
your universe of imaginary landscapes, lakes of gold

Visit and like my fan page Smile http://www.facebook.com/ElainePlusModelAndPoet

~Stop the madness! Think and live better! First step towards eliminating your own negativity~

~Stop the madness! Think and live better! First step towards eliminating your own negativity~

When living in the world of challenges, it is difficult to always stay grounded and positive. Bills, relationships, kids, family,friends, image issues all are a target of drawing negativity to a human being. When that happens, the majority of your energy goes towards feeling unworthy, guilty and afraid of what may happen out of the mess.
So we tend to forget who we truly are- wise, powerful multidimensional beings and get caught up in negatively charged words as "i hate my life" "I'm fat" "I'm ugly"....you may find yourself looking at a stranger who is good looking and saying " uh that slut, she must get everything in life" or to a successful person: "he's only rich because mommy and daddy got him a degree"......the point is who cares???!!!

Who cares how a person because successful?-be happy for them because even if mo my and daddy did buy them a degree they surely had to work hard for it, college isn't fun!
And trust me each individual has their own share of lessons and you have NO idea what they are, they may be successful but fail at relationships....they may be beautiful but suffer from low self esteem, or are unhealthy or just pure mean.

The point is while you are paying attention to all these people and putting your focus onto them, your power source is LEAKING!-that is right....you are not putting enough energy into self reassurance and self love, therefore the negative effect builds up...and up...and up....As a result, and as well already learned from the law of attraction....all these feelings that you are putting out there are drawing more crap into your life...you are literary ATTRACTING YOUR OWN MISERY!

So next thing you know a day later you might be coming down with a cold and thinking " that idiot coughed at me and got me sick" STOP! - yes those things are going around, and are contagious, BUT if your energy is high you are less likely to be exposed to the colds because it so also negative energy! So, do not think you are powerless even against the colds and flu's!
Read further here about how the energy affects our immune system:


Damn! you may think, well how the hell do I change that! - I am not gonna tell you to go sit down and meditate, because I know better than anyone else in the heat of negativity it is extremely difficult to even say a prayer! I personally don't wanna hear anything when I am being negative - we are human after all...

So the first thing to do when you find yourself going around judging away and badmouthing people and yourself, is to..

1. RECOGNIZE IT - it is very important to recognize that you are begin negative. This type of behaviors is SO imprinted in your daily lives that it is hard to even notice. Becoming conscious of your negative jabs is the first step to eliminating them.
You go "bla bla bla bla bla!!.....wait a second...I gotta stop here cuz I am going way off the road"

2. AGREEING TO RELEASE - When we recognize our own negativity, our ego may get in the way and say something like " well he deserves it","well so what no one can hear me", "uh please nothing bad will happen" - wrong! The fact is, no one deserves to be miserable, not you, not your ugly rude neighbor who smokes weed every day.
Oh yes you are heard, just because a person cannot hear you with his physical ears, by badmouthing them you are sending out beams of negativity to that person, they may not make a significant difference in their life, but then again it depends on how strong your hatred towards them is, when intention is set, if the person is vulnerable to it.
"Nothing bad will happen" - it already has my friend, as we discussed the person who suffers form such negativity is you, so you are only harming yourself the most.
When you hear these voices inside your head, but inside you feel they are wrong, Affirm - "I now allow the healing rays of light to cleanse myself", " I love and I am always loved"
Repeat this 10 times each and then watch what happens...With these affirmations what you are doing is you are sending your own light, the kind loving you to yourself, filling yourself up and reminding yourself that things do not need to be like this and that you are better than this...

3. MAKE THE CHOICE TO THINK BETTER - So now that you are aware you been a "bad bad boy/girl", it is time to get you think good again! Let's take "i am ugly" for example! We know you don't really think that about yourself but if you really do, what you want is to find a feature of your face or body that is cute and then embrace it, focus on that one feature and find how pretty or cute it is, how nobody else has those eyes or nose, and they are beautiful to you, even if other's do not think so, what matters is only YOUR opinion! Let's take that pretty girl we talked about before, instead of thinking of her a r as a "slut" which by the way you have no proof of, you just being silly and jelly, let's face that. Picture her as a loyal mom, or picture her at work, she may be a photographer, designer, nutritionist, restaurant manager...Think about how this one person contributes to our life here, whether shes a firefighter saving lives or a nutritionist counseling people how to eat better. Find something good about the person that annoys you! Find something to admire! For all you know, she might be admiring you right this second.

Just know that every human being on earth has challenges, no matter how pretty, rich, confident, successful,famous they are.....I mean looking at the lives at celebrities and their dramas is one of the examples! But there are also those who are happy and they are working hard , writings books, blogs, make movies on helping you and are get happier!

4. RAISE THE ENERGY -Every heard anyone say "Laughter is the best medicine"? Well its true not only from the doctor's perspective but what laughter is really a burst of high frequency energy charge straight from your heart! This energy is so powerful and filled with love and happiness that every negative thing around it, just dies...and that is why the doctors tell you it's good for you, but they do not explain on the Universal level why. Now you know.
Read up on it here http://www.helpguide.org/life/humor_laughter_health.htm

So after you had made the choice to think better, find something that will make you laugh. It is simple. Get your favorite comedy out , something that you know for sure will make you laugh! Call your friend who cracks you up all the time. GO to a comedy show, wrestle around with your relatives or your spouse, do something completely silly that your ego would normally never let you do...prank call? sure even prank call someone, why not! ( just make sure you are not threatening anyone lol) -entertain your soul! This will not only make you snap out of your negative domain, but it will put you in a whole different state of mind . " you may say uh Im 40 I don't play games!" Well guess what Mr Grumpy! You too have an inner child, your souls is a young vibrant spirit, so despite whether you are 40-or 100 that young spirit is YOU and there ain't nothing you can do about it Smile Just let it out and then watch how much better you will feel!!! Feel free to repeat anytime you recognize yourself being negative, practice makes perfect!

Sheldan Nidle - February 5, 2013

8 Cimi, 14 Yax, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return and bring with us Good News! The time for the grand moment is arriving! Major elements of the dark cabal are now under arrest and those in charge of planning the high-profile series of trials are setting dates for formally reporting on these significant events, which constitute the tip of a truly enormous iceberg. The long wait for announcements is nearing its end and we watch as the dark cabalists come to realize that the moment they dread is beginning to manifest. To prolong the charade now in play, they have concocted a fictitious picture of an American domestic economy that is 'somehow' rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the past few years. In truth it waits for the final blow to be struck. The world's economies are mired in a collective debt that is the world's total GNP many times over. The disaster your globe faces cannot so easily be swept under the rug, which explains why Spain is sinking fast and Germany is not far behind. The cabal has long treated the world as its personal 'oyster' and has been indulging in a massive spending-spree of unbelievable proportions. The way out is global debt forgiveness.

This solution is one that the dark refuses to countenance. They fear an enormous loss of power and wealth if global debt forgiveness is formally granted, and so these grand titans of hypocrisy refuse to permit even a measure of freedom and dignity to the world's people. They are dedicated to the preservation of illegal wage slavery and deep indebtedness, as this keeps you securely under their control. This defiance, as was foreseen, has actually been a great boon: it allowed our various Earth allies to secure the legal means for ousting the cabal from power. At present we have substituted what we call life-and-light surrogates for those we have legally incarcerated, and all this will be revealed when the new governance takes over. Until then we are doing our part to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. The gargantuan debt needs to be publicly exposed and then fully forgiven, and to bicker about any aspect of this prime requisite is just absurd. This national debt business is nothing more than illusion, a control mechanism, deliberately set up by the dark to maintain its debt-driven economy.

Besides the various substitutions being made to keep the business-as-usual charade going, we have been busy forging a working partnership between us and those who are to replace the wrong-doers who still hold sway in your global governments, who swindle you each day out of money and properties, and who pass judgments that are not theirs to make. The sheer volume of illegal activity that goes on every day is quite astonishing, and we cannot wait to send these scoundrels packing! By contrast, your new governance may at first surprise you with its transparency and is to interact with you in as useful and honest a way as possible. Government needs to be seen as an instrument that guarantees your sovereignty and welfare rather than adhering exclusively to self-serving special interests. The new transparency will approximate to some degree that of galactic society, and as you grow in consciousness you will become more aware of how government (while it exists) necessitates strict and dutiful oversight on the part of the people. This is something you will need to monitor until the mass landings occur.

As you morph the reality you now know into one that is quite different, it would be useful to observe carefully each new component of your society in order to understand how it might affect your world as a whole. Change is to come rapidly once the various pieces currently delayed by Heaven begin to flow. This time is getting very close. A sacred accord was made with the Anunnaki nearly 13,000 years ago which detailed a number of natural events that were to mark the end of that agreement and herald the rise of a new epoch of Light for humanity. These signals are arising and shortly a new reality will descend and change your world forever. This is the sacred pledge of Heaven, and we are here as mentors of this pledge and to ensure that the changes decreed long ago appear. Heaven is moving you from your present state of limited consciousness to your natural state of full consciousness. In your natural state you will inherit responsibilities which we will undertake jointly to render permanent the current galactic peace treaty.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today in joy! Many of the 'natural celestial events' referred to earlier have come and gone. Only a few are yet to happen and all of these are very close to occurring. As they happen, they bring your world closer to its sacred destiny. These things are divine heralds of a new reality filled with Light, Love, and prosperity. Everywhere the Heavens are preparing to greet us with a display of energy that will signal the beginning of your new epoch! Likewise, we are preparing our associates to announce our coming schedule and begin a campaign that will cause your present government to change. This change will lead to your liberation and to a formal declaration that your space family is shortly to land on your most beautiful living world. The Agarthans, who have long made their homes available to us, are also preparing to announce their presence in the interior realms of your glorious Mother Earth.

This planet has long been partitioned into two separate realms: one exists beneath your feet and has often sent representatives to live quietly among you; the other is on the surface where you live. The Agarthan explorers to the surface realm returned home with large amounts of data which is being used to ascertain the most harmonious way to prepare surface humanity to learn of Agartha's existence. Since the Agarthans are also domiciled there, they also wish to contribute, at the right moment and in the most compatible way, to the unveiling of this information. As these announcements are broadcast, we, your Ascended Masters, will use our good offices to set the record straight about your many religious practices and traditions. These truths can provide you with the chance to learn more about full consciousness and the plan to return you to this enlightened and divine state of Being. In this state you will have the experiences we once did when we reached the status we now enjoy as immortals of Spirit.

In this exalted state, you will rediscover who you really are and why you came, so long ago, to Mother Earth. This knowingness will be a foundation for all that you are to accomplish in divine service to the Great One, and to this end we are being prepared for our roles as your heavenly supervisors. Part of this service is to guide you and to prepare us, your sacred counselors, to teach you more about your duties in a galactic society. The Light 'knows' how you are likely to respond to this realm, and is giving daily instructions on the best way to oversee the start-up of Earth humanity's new sacred society. You will reunite with your Agarthan family and together we will carry out the initial duties of this new society as we expand our reach to our sister planets and begin to coalesce these worlds into a new star-nation. We are ready, and joyously anticipate our shared divine destiny!

Today we addressed what you are to expect as we change your society and prepare you for full consciousness. We also touched on the creation of your new star-nation. The glory of the heavenly hosts will be seen and manifested by all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Ask the Higher Realm to Arrange for Your Soul Mate by Shannon Peck

Soul mate relationships come at divine Love’s call. In order to find your soul mate, you may need to ask a higher realm to arrange for your soul mate. Let’s explore this further.
Since a soul mate relationship is a sacred one, with divine roots, you’ll want to turn to your Higher Source and make a strong request.
Hold this divine connection in your highest realm as a special place where you go to receive answers, beginning with massive comfort, reassurance that help is on the way, and to have an immediate response with arrangements for you & your soul mate to unite.
This is a different approach than the usual feeling of being all alone in your quest, while wondering if the meet up will ever happen, doubting it’s possible. You aren’t depending on luck or an accidental meeting. (Although often something divine does seem accidental, it’s actually not what it appears to be. These things are arranged elsewhere.) When you consult the higher realm, you’ve invoked power from a spiritual dimension where your great soul Plan can be activated for you. And it comes with blessings of love.
This is going to be a high heart experience. Prepare yourself by beginning to open your heart for love. As you do, you may find that old emotional hurts and wounds surface. That’s okay. It’s time to have them cleared out to make room for the real thing.
Your prayer-connection may go something like this.
Dear Almighty Intelligent Creator of All Love, I invoke You, in the name of all love, to bring forth my soul mate for a deep and lasting relationship with me. I ask that arrangements begin immediately for this occurrence. I understand that I may need preparation for this to occur and I stand ready to grow, awaken, reckon with the past (with Your help), and be a partner in this, as it comes together harmoniously and rapidly.
I ask that this preparation begin immediately so that my heart may be relieved. I also ask to see a sign that the preparation is underway. And I ask that the divine realm make sure that I understand the sign to identify itself to me as a sure sign. If I don’t understand whether or not it is a sign, I ask that another sign be given to me – an even clearer one – so that I don’t miss this important communication which will make me feel loved, helped, encouraged, and hopeful that I am not alone in my desire to have a soul mate. I acknowledge that it’s not all up to me to find my soul mate.
Just as a garden needs proper soil, drainage, nutrition, water, and sunshine, I ask that I too be a garden for my soul mate to grow with me, adding to my life the richness of love and beauty that my soul needs and wants. I wish to add this same richness of love and beauty to my soul mate. I am ready to grow in love and I am ready to begin this new chapter of love.
I realize that a soul mate relationship is one of depth and expansion, one that will change me and my soul mate. It will bring immense blessings to each of us. We will feel an intimate connection and closeness that perhaps neither of us has ever shared before. It may be frightening for us to explore our feelings of being exposed, but it will also cause us to see the great need for honesty and a sweet, growing trust. We will need to honor each other’s feelings and need for kindness and respect as well as freedom from judgment. A soul mate relationship could be no less than this.
I also pray, since I am now opening myself to this wonderful new soul mate relationship, that I will receive protection from identifying ones who come close and appear to be a possible, intended soul mate but who are not. I pray that we each wake up in a timely manner with no sense of loss that this is not “the one intended.” I trust that the one intended for me is going to be divinely selected whose soul is prepared to identify and love me – and that we each sense our destiny with each other. I trust in the irrefutable power of the divine to bring this forth.
I pray that we be guided to love each other with all our hearts and grow together in a lasting, committed relationship, making both our lives and the world’s brighter. I also appreciate the emotional security and steadiness this brings and which we will need for our love journey together.
I have let go of the idea that my soul mate is come to relieve me of my financial burden, my joylessness, or to fill the emptiness in areas of my life that I myself must make effort to enrich.
I embrace the idea that my soul mate is come to join me in creating a far better life for us both.
I am ready to experience a greater love than I have ever known. And I am prepared now to begin this journey with another soul that we may bless each other so that our hearts open wide & spill over with love for each other.
I pray we experience the Presence of Love guiding us all our days together, keeping us wise, reaching for a greater maturity and depth, proud that we can become better, shiner souls – both in our hearts, our emotions, & our lives.I end this prayer connection with a heart full of gratitude that this request is invoked by my soul and activated by the higher realm, which withholds no blessing of love for me or my soul mate.
And I pray that my soul mate’s soul simultaneously becomes activated, ready to move forward to meet me. I know that these preparations are underway now, because in the realm of the highest, all deserve love & all begin to receive it when invoked.

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