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Mother Mary: You Are Our Wonderful Emissaries of Love and Light

Mother Mary: You Are Our Wonderful Emissaries of Love and Light

mothermary4Mother Mary: You Are Our Wonderful Emissaries of Love and Light

As channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ February 11, 2013

Hello dear ones, all of the Light. I gather amongst you today to bring you much Love, and to shed more light and understanding on your precious missions and purpose.

You are Love, you are the Divine, and amongst you walk many who do not yet know this about themselves. It is for you to BE Love and the Divine in complete totality and purpose and to shine ever brighter every day within that reality.

As such you are very important catalysts not only for your own lives, but also for that of others. You may not realize how important you are. Every time you choose to acknowledge and live your Divine nature of Unconditional Love for yourselves and others, you spark greater Light and Love for all around you, causing others to take up the banner and spread it as well.

My precious children of the Light, my precious children of Love: You are making your way steadily and surely up the ladder of dimensions while spreading your Love to all who need it. Do you know how remarkable and important you are?

I hold you in my arms of love and caring, and I comfort you all when you need it and ask for it. I love you beyond measure, and I am most grateful for your presence in this world at this time. For you are making great headway in offering love, acceptance and comfort for others.

That is what we do in the Celestial Realm; we offer our total love and comfort and acceptance of you and with that you are fortified to offer it to others.

You are our wonderful emissaries of Love and Light and you can never be reminded too much of this. My heart is so full of joy and love and gratitude at the knowledge that you are forever holding up this banner of Love and Light for all to see and absorb. It is like a beautiful blanket of tender and sustaining Love that we see you constantly holding and spreading over the world. You are magnificent in this purpose.

Make way in your hearts for even more Love and Light to enter as the days go on. Fill yourselves up with it without limit. With this you will raise the frequency even further and thus allow the masses to lift and be ready for further ascension.

Do not worry your hearts about those who are reluctant to accept what you offer or do not respond well. Just keep up your work and go on about your mission with tolerance and acceptance and understanding that each is proceeding along their path in the perfect way for them. Pay attention to your own heart and allow yourself to accept as much Light and Love as you can hold, my dear ones.

Be at peace in knowing that you are fulfilling your mission by holding as much Light and Love as you are able, constantly transmuting old and negative energy for yourself and all around you at the pace and degree that is appropriate and comfortable for you.

By constantly doing this, you have transmuted much energy into crystalline gold glimmering particles of Light that is becoming the sustaining essence of energy that many can feel in a palpable way. Many can also see it, and dear ones, we can see it so plainly from our perspective.

This is the energy that you are becoming much more acclimated to as you make your way up the spiral of dimensions and increasing frequencies. Your increasingly crystalline bodies are adapting and thriving in this new energy, and for many, the fatigue is diminishing and you are becoming more adaptable to the new milieu of energy you are finding yourselves in.

Hold yourselves tall and strong in this new energy and begin to see the effects of your tireless efforts to transform and re-form your world. It is magnificent to see what you have already done.

Hold fast and true to this steady progress, and do not waiver in your heart-felt endeavors to feel and know your loving Divine essence and to demonstrate it to others, each of you in your own special and unique ways and manner. You are each irreplaceable and valuable contributors to New Earth and it is being built steadily and true upon your lofty dreams and actions to build a world of ever-lasting Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Love for all to thrive in and enjoy.

We of the Celestial Realm are forever grateful for your beautiful hearts as you make your way higher and transform all around you to glistening perfection, and we remain by your side throughout this Divine endeavor.

All my love is yours,

Mother Mary

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The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild - February 13, 2013

The Federation of Light
through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

February 13, 2013

Blossom: Good morning! I could do with some reassurance to be honest. Is it just me? I TRULY didn’t realise I had so little patience or tolerance. Nothing seems to be changing … it seems to be getting worse and it doesn’t feel good! What’s going on? Can you tell us in a little more detail than our last communication?


The Federation of Light: Warmest greetings to all. You are FEELING uncomfortable with your discomfort are you not? Yet it is to be recognized that although it may be seemingly that one is out of sorts … one is actually moving deeper into the correctness of who they TRULY are.


Blossom: So … it doesn’t really FEEL like this is anger from old patterns that needs to come out … it FEELS different … would I say ‘fresh anger’?  How stupid does that sound?


The Federation of Light: And yet we would say it is not anger at all.


Blossom: Well my ranting and raving to an empty room or car certainly FEELS like anger … definitely lack of tolerance. It’s like I hardly recognise myself … or certainly not this part of me.


The Federation of Light: Let us unfold these twists and turns in a manner that is suited to your requirements. Firstly … that which you deem as anger is a dissipation of energies that conflict with the way you TRULY are. You would do well to understand that indeed a HUGE SHIFT took place within the self and the planet on the said date before your Yule Tide and although many tended to disagree … at that time … now perhaps one can FEEL and recognise that this was in fact so. Do you FEEL the same as you did before Blossom?


Blossom: No … yet I can’t say I FEEL brighter necessarily.


The Federation of Light: Tell us how you do FEEL?


Blossom: Odd! Distinctly odd! Neither one thing or t ’other . Just ODD! Unsure of who I am NOW. I had grown to like the old me and not so sure that I like the new me.


The Federation of Light: You wanted to say ‘middle me’ did you not?


Blossom: Yes. Even odder!


The Federation of Light: Yet this is exactly what you are experiencing … The middle man!  You are in place between the old and the new. This is why so many of you are misplacing your energies and FEELING so out of alignment with the TRUTH of who you are.


YOU ARE MOVING INTO THE NEW WORLD that has been created by you. Yet, it would not be agreeable on all accounts to find yourself suddenly plonked there. It would not be the easiest way for you to adjust and although you are FEELING ‘ODD’ at that which you are going through to get there … get there you shall. It is quite difficult to describe in Earthy terms … as many things … as you know … often are.


Imagine it to be a transitional period. A time when you simply are floating in a sea of ‘unknown’. You cannot get out … and you FEEL you are being tossed and turned by the flow of the water. Yet it seems more at these times that there is no particular direction of that flow.


Blossom: More like I am in a washing machine!


The Federation of Light: We shall then take that train of thought. The cycle shall end and what is the outcome? Everything has been cleansed!


Blossom: So are we going through a cleansing then?


The Federation of Light: Definitely.


Blossom: All well and good. Yet as stated last time we spoke … there is always a cleanse going on … how many cycles do we need in order to get the stains out?


The Federation of Light: Would you not say that you KNOW in your heart that this is it? This is THE CHANGE. This is the final rinse ... so to speak.


Blossom: Well, I would definitely like to think that. Inside me I FEEL like we are onto something BIG. As much as ‘soon ‘ has now become a swearword … I DO FEEL that we are embarking on a new reality and it is literally around the corner. Yet … around the corner could mean a century away!


The Federation of Light: Dearest family … our friends upon the Earth. Take hold of your KNOWING. Let us look at things in a ‘clearer Light’.


YOU KNOW you came to Earth for a reason.


YOU KNOW you have purpose… and that purpose is far more than removing karma or ‘simply’ advancing the soul self. 




We then, as a consciousness … have worked with you for many years of your BEING, which we would say means we have also worked with everyone who chooses to read and connect with that which we have to say.


ALL that we have said has been working towards THIS TIME NOW. THIS TIME THAT YOU ARE IN.


Many felt cheated and disappointed … many allowed the fact that due to ‘NOTHING apparent happening’ that there was no happening at all.





There was A HAPPENING. A CHANGE. You are experiencing the aftermath of that transformative date. You have stayed with us throughout because you KNOW that you are following YOUR TRUTH. So all that you think may be around the corner … IS .


Blossom: Yes, but on whose time line? … You don’t have one!!!


The Federation of Light: On the timeline of TRUTH … if the souls of EARTH allow it to be.


Blossom: You see … this is where the frustration comes in. Here are many of us … millions perhaps …. who all sat in that classroom you spoke of … and we KNOW we are doing our best. We KNOW we can manifest a world of LOVE and HARMONY … We KNOW you will present yourselves to us … We KNOW we will get disclosure. We are doing are utmost to awaken those sleeping … I don’t think we can go at a quicker pace than we are … yet if we are to wait until another million or so are ready … well indeed that could take a few more life times … and many who have waited for so long … many souls who are at the latter end of life, FEEL disillusioned for they may not be here to see it through ... Not only see it through … but see it!!! I mean really … How long must we wait?


The Federation of Light: This is exactly what we are trying to tell you Blossom. Can you not FEEL a power within you that is rising up inside? These FEELINGS you are experiencing that you call ‘anger’ … may be interpreted as something quite different.


Blossom: Do tell.


The Federation of Light: Maybe it is the fact that this is YOU … the real YOU… expressing the fact that you will stand for it no more. That you will no longer tolerate the old and that the FEELING you are experiencing at such depth is merely a ‘time to move on out’ recognition.


NOW is the time when many of you shall FEEL such conflict between the old and new … and this is up to you to dispel all that you can no longer settle for. Your reasoning behind the scenes is telling you that you are no longer prepared to put up with aspects of this third dimension for it simply does not resonate with the vibration that you are becoming.


You are not of it yet … hence the whirlpool FEELINGS of not KNOWING where one stands. Not being grounded. The FEELING of not having ones feet firmly on the ground.


Would we be so bold to say that at the moment there is no ground for one to step on! Not yet! It is there awaiting you … and you will surely KNOW when you get there. We would say you are in no man’s land at this stage of the journey. Yet it is an important part of the journey none the less.


You cannot expect to apprehend all that is taking place. The more you accept that this is part of the plan the more you can willingly move through it. You are not following blindly dear ones. You SEE so clearly … if you just allow each phase to shine its Light in order to move you into the next one.


Blossom: I see what you are saying, and I will do my best. It just FEELS wrong to be so out of sorts for so long. I feel like I have become this ‘out of sorts person' as opposed to just being out of sorts for a while.


The Federation of Light: Yet that is all it is. A time of transition. As you recognise that which you do not want within your Being, you can clearly choose to have only that which you do want. The difficulty that many may come across is accepting that much they thought they were on a par with … they no longer are … and that may mean the letting go of those they never imagined they may have to let go of. It is not only regarding souls … it is IN ALL that no longer resonates with the YOU that you are moving into. How can you allow yourself to move into a Higher vibration of self if you want to take with you that which cannot and is not ready for the vibration that YOU are moving into? It cannot work that way. For there is nothing that can reside in a Higher vibration if it is not accomplished enough to do so. You can choose to remain in a lower one … if you are not quite ready to let go … and if so … then there shall be continual discomfort and conflict within the soul self  … for one is not adhering to the TRUTH of the self.


You have each embarked upon the longest journey … a never ending journey … and this we tell you as TRUTH … there is not one that shall not make it home … and perhaps the journey shall then begin again … or continue down a different path … yet onwards always shall it evolve.


It is not your responsibility to make sure everyone continues to walk at a pace that suits you. Each individual has its own agenda and own choice in the matter.



Let go of those FEELINGS of ‘gloom and doom’ for those who appear to be much further back on the track than yourself. They are where they are because that is where they are meant to be. It is not your business.


Blossom: Yet … didn’t we come to waken them …. Therefore is it not our business?




Those who choose to wake our doing so … yet there is a balance needed of those asleep and those not … at this time . Yet this is far too complex to go into at this point of today’s communication.


As often suggested … we ask you now to take in a few deep breaths …and ask yourselves … do you KNOW you are on the verge of breakthrough?


Blossom: Well … I just did that … and the answer was an overwhelming YES! Things are changing … TRUTHS WILL OUT. I mean The Pope has just resigned for goodness sake … have you a quick comment on that?


The Federation of Light: NO. We have a longer one! This is just the beginning of much that is to be revealed. There is a procedure to follow in order for people to be able accept the TRUTH of the lies that have been cast. This soul has not suddenly made this decision. This has been forced upon the religious group that this soul stands for. Keep your eyes and ears open … He is not to be the one and only that shall suddenly step down from a prominent position ….


And the walls came tumbling down.


Blossom: That’s it. That sentence was my nod that time is up. Thank you so much. As you know I am away in England for a month.  (How I wish you could step in and transport me! ) If we manage to get together during that time … that would be great …. If not … so be it.


The Federation of Light: Our Love and uplifting energy goes with you.


Blossom: Thank you


The Federation of Light: It goes with you all … wherever you may be. We are just a thought away.


Blossom: In Love and thanks.


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