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A Vision for the Healing of Families ~ The Vision Alignment Project

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Healing of Families

The following Vision comes to you from Pernille Therkildsen in Denmark. Thank you so much, Pernille, for sharing your beautiful Vision with us. We intend that it goes out far and wide, and that the world is a better place because of what you have written here.

We envision a world where all families have come together in love and peace. All pain, blaming of others and injustice is forgiven, and we realize that we are here to help and love each other. We accept that we are all on different paths and are therefore reminded that there is no such thing as judgment of one another. We no longer separate ourselves from our family - we create integration, revealing our true selves in pure compassion for our mother, father, sisters, brothers, children, cousins and everyone else that we have relations with.

When we meet each other on our way, we see others shine their true light as we ourselves shine back, creating even higher vibrations of love and truth. Happy families all around the Earth join each other in helpfulness and for the highest of all good. We exist for the sole purpose of happiness within ourselves and our relations: families, friendships, and partnerships.

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We all go there together
~ Tony Burroughs

Coherency and Increased Frequency

Humanity is connected by an invisible force. Some people see it as a code or an energetic field that connects all creation. Many people believe that this connection is in the mind. This is a limited viewpoint. The mind is only part of this hidden force. It is an instrument within the field used to create definition within what some call the “aether” that which holds, contains and distributes the power of the mind.

Within the observation of the mind is the field of frequency. The wavelengths of frequency can be long or short. The frequency can be fast or slow. The amplitude of the wave can be tall or short. None of these descriptions construes a more spiritual or higher state of consciousness. They are simply statements of energy within this dimension, which is a state of consciousness. All of the wavelengths are composed of information, informing that which is in formation.

This medium acting as the carrier of light is comprised of standing waves. A wave is a disturbance in any medium and you can consider the force we are talking about to be that medium. When there is movement within that environment, it has been disturbed. A standing wave (sometimes referred to as a stationary wave) remains in a constant position. This occurs because of interference between two waves traveling in opposite directions.  The standing wave is created by two waves of similar wavelength traveling in opposite directions. The movement is simultaneous and it can be of any wavelength, frequency or amplitude. It makes no difference and it carries no significance. It simply is motion in form.

The disturbance is really the difference between two energy states because there is only the one medium space. For our purposes, we will refer to the medium as space. This space is not empty. It is space that is an agency for movement. This activity within the setting of space is either in motion or potentially in motion. Hence, matter (potential) and energy (motion) or equal. Again, no matter the frequency or wavelength, it has no significance within the movement itself. Higher and lower (as they pertain to better or worse) has no meaning.

 standing wave

What is called “energy” in this dimension is a carrier of information. Information is defined as a pattern, form or structure. Energy is the power to do the work that creates the information patterning. It does this through non-linear dynamics and emergence. Think of the standing wave pictured above. Imagine waves going out from it and into it at the same time. It portrays a constant fluctuating substance that is a carrier of all the information in the cosmos. The information depends upon coherency to create the carrier wave that carries the information. Information “has” energy. Energy “has” information. Energy is the power “in” the information. Information is the “purpose” of the energy.  It exists without interpretation or meaning.

This information is created by the thoughts, words and actions of all living creatures plus the natural attributes of manifestation. This concept includes all life. Every manifested source of life in this dimension creates informational structures that are constantly emerging from and entering into the center of the idea of the standing wave. Source consciousness is included within this principle.

The information is stored in an invisible field known by some as the Akashic Field. This field conserves and conveys information within itself. It is a cosmic information field based upon the informed universe within which humanity exists. It resides within the space that was referred to in the opening paragraphs. All that exists “is” all that exists. All potential futures also lie within the fabric of the Field.

What makes it work?

 Is it consistent or are there differences in the energy
and the information that it carries?

The waves are composed of coherent and incoherent frequencies. Coherent waves are composed of waves having a constant difference in phase (troughs and crests are consistently the same height and size). Incoherent waves are inconsistent in phase. They may be included in any frequency or wavelength.

Phase of an oscillation is defined as the fraction of a complete cycle corresponding to an offset in the displacement from a specified reference point. Each oscillation is identical. It measures an oscillation cycle according to a pre-designated time/space scale.

Coherent waves create constructive interference that is a set of interfacing waves in a harmonic (1+1=2); overlapping; symmetrical. The net result is greater energy, more light and/or more information. When someone says they are experiencing “good vibes” from someone else, it is constructive interference; likewise, a space that feels good to the physical body. There is resonance within constructive interference. Incoherent waves create destructive interference; opposite waves interacting; sometimes seen as a flat line or less light. “Bad vibes” are created by destructive interference. Incoherent waves do not resonate because they have no relational points with which to intersect and combine.

There is a third interaction creating a bra800px-Sine_waves_different_frequencies.svgnd new frequency when resonating together. It is called harmony. Harmonic resonance is the state of well-being preferred by most bodies. 

Imagine pebbles being dropped into a pool of water. The rings of energy that are emitted from the pebbles go out in patterns that interfere with each other. Each interference pattern creates a new set of waves, some constructive and some destructive.

Coherency within the space establishes communication because the coherent wave becomes a carrier wave for the communing information. It works like a subatomic telephone line. The higher the coherency (not the frequency), the finer the telephonic network; similar to all of the photons playing individual parts in an orchestra yet you hear only the composite. Harmony is the most desirable interference within frequencies.

When you talk about desiring to be of a higher frequency, what you desire is to be coherent. A state of coherency is experienced as the feeling of well-being. It is harmonic with all of nature.

(This writing is partially excerpted from my Meta yoU School of Mastery Metaphysics course.)


 hello all in the federation of light my name is bob schreiner, i really need all your help, i'm trying to connect with the angelic reln to try and create heaven on earth and heal my disabled wife!! if anyone know's wher i can find any website's or free newsletter's about angel's or any other angel contact attunement's or imformation you can post it in the federation of light blod and i'll get it thank you and GOD blss you all sincerely BOB SCHREINER---

Wes Annac: The Pleiadians – Ship-Cloaking Features, Connecting with Galactic Souls and the Bridge Between the New and Old World (Part 1/2)

Channelled through Wes Annac – February 13, 2013

Wes Annac: Hello and salutations on this energetic night, dear friends.

The Pleiadian High Council: Greetings to you, and to all who will be absorbing this message at a later time. We are so happy to be able to be with you souls in this format and assist along your processes.

Wes: Many thanks, dear friends. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of clouds that look an awful lot like ships. Having been able to see your ships at night, I’m wondering if what I’m seeing is genuinely you or if I am allowing my discernment to fall by the wayside a bit.

PHC: You are seeing us in many forms dearest Wesley, some of which you truly would not expect. Yes, as we have discussed before our ships are able to cloak themselves and appear as clouds and even planes. There are a plethora of ways we are stationed in your skies and needless to say, when the collective vibrations and mindsets concerning us are lightened a bit and humanity finds a greater acceptance of us, our technology and the assistance we wish to give, we will be able to be with you all and make ourselves and the wonders our craft are able to perform, known.

Wes: Thank you, dear friends. So have I been seeing your ships cloaked as clouds?

PHC: You have seen us on many occasions dearest Wesley, yes. We have been before you in a great many ways; again, some of which you would not expect.

Wes: I see. So is there a discernible difference between your ships cloaked as clouds and regular clouds?

PHC: There are slight differences, but we must maintain a cloudlike image for the very purpose of remaining cloaked. At times we will decrease the extent to which our craft look like clouds, if we wish to make a personal appearance of sorts. For you dearest Wesley and many others, we have allowed ourselves to be momentarily “exposed” by minimizing certain cloaking features aboard our craft.

Wes: Ah, I see. So is there anything I should look for?

PHC: Look for the bulbous clouds; the ones that “stick out” the most and the ones that really seem as if there is a special or unique energy to them. Do not ignore the promptings or impressions your heart is giving you, as your intuition carries the understanding of the signals and messages we will give you within, if we plan to make ourselves known to you.

Seek within, dearest souls, for the promptings that what you are witnessing may be out of the ordinary or may not be an aspect of your natural, outward realities as while we are temporarily shielding ourselves to look like an average cloud, airplane or anything else you would expect to see in your ordinary Lives; our very presence and the very energies you’re beginning to feel within should suggest that things on your world are not what they have seemed.

Wes: Many thanks for the explanation, dear friends. I’m wondering now if you have any advice for anybody who would wish to connect with you.

PHC: We will be happy to offer our advice, and we should preface it by saying that our presence and assistance is here for each one of you to tap into, but we are only a few out of a myriad of collectives and beings whom you can contact and communicate with, the most important of which being your higher selves.

We encourage every soul who wishes to connect with us to first find and feel an open connection to the heart, which is indeed more important to first open than the third eye. It is so very important for the heart to be opened for when opening up your hearts, you will learn to access and feel so much more than our energies or the energies of ascended beings in general. You will feel and open up to your own supreme connection with Source and with your higher selves.

Upon finding a connection with your higher selves, you will be offered energetic perspectives and the perspectives of fragments of your Selves who are helping you personally to ascend. For those of you who feel as if a strong and solid telepathic connection with us is prudent and necessary for your personal growth, we would like to offer a few tips as well.

An important tip is to affirm that only beings of the purest intention and consciousness be with you, because there are still the few influential negative beings who pretend to be us and masquerade under the labels we have given you dear souls to recognize us as, and spread misinformation and energies that you know are not in alignment with the energies you have long began to recognize and feel from (higher dimensional) communications.

It is important for the souls who wish to connect with us to seek and feel as much positivity in any given moment as possible, while allowing their needed surfacings to continue as well which can include letting negativity in, in a manner that surfaces and transmutes the very influence of such negativity as you grow and learn further along your paths.

There are so very many souls simply waiting beyond the fore of your conscious perception for you all to access our energies and begin to communicate with us, and even the idea of communication with us being sewn into the minds and hearts of so many awakening souls who latch onto such an idea will attract our vibrations toward every one of you who wish to find such a connection with us.

Every soul who has absorbed our communications and wished to communicate with us personally have attracted us to themselves, providing their vibrations are not too low and the vibrations of each of you have been sufficiently high for us to be able to connect with you; it is simply that you have allowed yourselves to feel as if a connection with us is difficult or unattainable when in fact, connecting and chatting with us is easier than ever as your minds and hearts continue to expand exponentially.

This would be the next step for you dear souls to find a connection with us – finding and transcending the aspects of mind and ego that would teach you that a connection with us cannot be attained. We are with each one of you always and our vibrations can be felt in any given moment, and an opened heart will see you easily able to find a connection with us and to know that you have found that connection.

Trust the intuitive and the telepathic guidance, as well as the outward synchronicities you will begin to be given as you open up increasingly to the very idea of being able to maintain a constant telepathic and feeling-based connection with us. The more you open yourselves up to the very idea of contacting us, the more we will be able to come through you as you realize your infinite and unlimited nature as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience.

Wes: Thank you for that wonderful explanation, dear friends. It is much appreciated.

PHC: Thank you for your calm and patience in allowing us to speak, dear Wesley.

Wes: It is truly my honor. I guess my next question would be similar to one I’ve already posed. Upon finding and maintaining that inner-connection, is there anything we could use to specifically identify you and your energies?

PHC: One of the ways in which we specifically will come to you dear souls and let you know it is us coming to you is the label(s) we will send down, that your openness and connection to your intuitive side will aid you in being able to attune to and receive. For example, dearest Wesley; we first came to you under a general label that you would be able to recognize and accept. We came to you with the general label representing the overall Galactic Organization we are a part of, and as you opened up more we were able to bring a more specific label through to let you know who we are.

The Sirians, Andromedans and Arcturians use similar procedures as us to let their respective scribes and the Earthly souls who become open to them, know that it is them and not an aspect of the higher self of the soul attuning to their energies and finding a communication with them.

As the dearest Hathors have told you before, there is much work done in the realms beyond your conscious perception to help you better understand and be able to absorb the information you are being given from channeled sources; one aspect of that information being the label we represent ourselves as. You can also feel specific energies that are unique to us, and each race of the Galactic Federation is represented with our own specific energy as well as our own specific label, while still recognizing the interconnected and united nature of each one of us.

Wes: What about your energy will we specifically be able to feel?

PHC: The specifics of our energy will, in many cases, be attached to the label we represent ourselves as. For instance; when you wish to communicate with us you will request our specific label and the energies behind it.

If you wish to communicate with another individual or collective, you will request their specific energies (partially) in the thought-form of their specific label. Your heart will connect with their and our energies while working with the general label and the request such label is attached to that is put forth, and as we are awaiting a connection with any soul who becomes open to our energies, we happily await the connection to be established so that we can begin communicating.

In essence, you will recognize our specific energies by our labels and as well by the perspectives that we give. Some of us ascended souls have energetic perspectives, while others have perspectives of commenting on contemporary matters occurring on your world at present. In many cases, the unique beliefs of each scribe can help determine the ascended being (and their energy) one connects with.

Wes: I see. So we are attracted to ascended souls of a similar energy and perspective?

PHC: Like attracts like, dear Wesley and while you are able to connect with an unlimited amount of souls with a diverse and wide range of perspectives, the souls you connect with can in many cases be ascended souls with perspectives similar to yours but of course, this is not the only reason you would be connected with them.

Sharing similarities in beliefs on a mental level is not a sole determiner of connection, but many of you are indeed attracted to ascended souls of a similar perspective and in many cases, this is because you are aligned on an energetic and spiritual level with the ascended souls you are connecting with.

Even while not being aspects of your higher self, many of you dear souls can connect with ascended beings who are very close to you and who have been helping you along your growth, which has been ongoing for generations and Lifetimes. You are of course close with every soul in the higher realms, but we speak of souls you have surrounded yourselves with before making your ways to the Earth, but who were not directly a part of your “soul family” of aspects of your overall higher self.

Wes: I understand friends, thank you. Recently I have been able to connect with two souls who tell me they are a part of your High Council and Council of Nine. Are these souls genuinely with you and if so, may I communicate with them?

PHC: These souls are indeed a part of our Councils, and have simply been waiting to chat with you, dearest Wesley. Shall we put them on the line?

Wes: On the line? I so enjoy your sense of humor! Yes, you may put them on.

Continued in Part 2 below

Wes Annac: The Pleiadians – Ship-Cloaking Features, Connecting with Galactic Souls and the Bridge Between the New and Old World (Part 2/2)

Channelled through Wes Annac – February 13, 2013

Continued from Part 1 above

Shima/Sherma: With Loving and warm greetings, I am Shima of the Pleiadian High Council and the Pleiadian Council of Nine. With me as well are our Councils, as well as my dearest counterpart, Sherma.

Wes: Hello to you Shima, and thank you for communicating with me at this time.

Shima/Sherma: Our connection has been rekindled for a reason! You and so many others will begin to find a very clear and steady access to the energies and communications of each one of us who truly have been waiting to find a clear line of connection to humanity and to your energies.

Your collective vibrations had previously become rife with the separation and hatred that you all know will only hold you back, and our communications and the very reason we attempt to contact any Earth soul who will become open to us revolves around helping those very collective energies begin to become transmuted and expressed as the pure Source energies all of Creation are truly meant to feel.

Wes: Wonderful! Now, I recently found a connection with you and received a very clear label of your name. Shortly after, I received a very intense and blatant image of an almost Swedish-looking Pleiadian female with short, blond hair. From what I understand and have received, this soul is known as Sherma?

Shima/Sherma: Indeed, this soul is my twin flame and again, is speaking with you all now in the form of our melded-together energies.

Wes: So you both are speaking with me right now?

Sherma/Shima: Indeed dearest souls, and this is now Sherma who has stepped to the forefront of the collective energies to be able to chat with you. My energies have long been a part of the communications coming through you, dearest Wesley, as have Shima’s and a plethora of other Pleiadian souls who you have indeed reconnected with numerous times in your dreamscape, but who you are just beginning to remember and re-realize exist.

Wes: I see. Thank you so much Sherma! Would you like to comment further on the nature to which you’ll be contacting opened-up humans? Because, again, you appeared before me very brazenly and the whole experience was intensely wonderful.

Sherma/Shima: We are able to make personal contacts within the minds and hearts of any soul who begins to become open to our energies, but we must still be careful not to overwhelm because we have so very much to show you and we want you dear souls to feel comfortable with our presence all around you and within.

Even still, matters on your world must begin to pick and we are helping to initiate this pick-up by beginning to make personal contacts with members of our Ground Crew who again, can become open to receiving impressions of our presence around them without feeling overwhelmed or as if what they are experiencing is too much.

Dearest souls, there is so much beauty and intense higher dimensional joy and wonder for you to experience, and we Pleiadians are with you to help you find and feel this in yourselves again. We have been and are very close with the Earth and as such, we have a perspective of seeing Gaia’s true beauty; a beauty that goes unnoticed and unrecognized by too many Earth humans at present. We are here for you and with you, to help you realize Gaia’s outer beauty and your inner beauty as vastly powerful and Lighted spiritual beings.

Wes: You are so poetic, Sherma, and your words flow through with such grace. Thank you so much.

Sherma/Shima: You are able to receive my impressions and those of SanJAsKa, Shima and Mariara because you are close with us in spirit, dearest Wesley. We are very close to you and to many other Ground Crew members who are stationed on your Earth, and you can all begin to open up to a plethora of different souls who are happy to extend their warmth and greetings to each one of you, as well as to give you general guidance and advice along your ascension paths.

Wes: Do you and Shima have any specific advice for us all?

Sherma/Shima: What you should remember Wesley, is that it is not solely I or Shima speaking to you. We are speaking with the melded-together energies of each of our Councils, including our General Council and with that in mind, we would absolutely Love to offer you dear souls some advice and guidance.

We see much of humanity still caught up in the old ways of being and doing, and this goes as well for many dear Lightworkers who find yourselves struggling at times as you perceive yourselves as grappling with an outdated way of being, of Living.

This is so dearest souls, and we want you to know that as the higher realms and the very concepts and mindsets that drive them are as well here with you in stronger ways than ever before, you can truly put an end to your feeding of every aspect of the old paradigm as it and the mechanisms that drive it will continue to attempt to re-shift your focus and perspective back to it when so many of you are clearly ready to embrace a new way.

We speak of a way that recognizes the One Heart and the sovereignty of humanity which of course, is ordained by our Creator and can never be permanently taken away.

Beyond recognizing and putting an end to any feeding of the old paradigm that even the Lightworker public finds themselves contributing to, it is important as well for you dear souls not to let yourselves constantly search for answers or validations.

At times, the best searching can be done within the heart space and from a calm and clear mind. Yes, there is so very much indeed for you dear souls to learn, know and feel but for now, it is important to let yourselves attune to your new realities and to do this, you must let your temples and minds clear out for a small time so that the influence of the chattering mind does not overwhelm one and keep one from finding a clear, higher dimensional experience.

Outer stimulants and things that have worked for humanity for a long time are indeed a part of the old paradigm, and those of you who have used Earthly things to form a bridge between the new and old world are in many cases, still sitting on that bridge as you continue to employ the use of external things.

On one side of this bridge, you see the old world churning on as usual with the same old energies and collective frames of perception. On the other side you see a beautiful, brimming pre-Galactic landscape and you see as well that you are able to work upon this landscape and radiate its vibrations throughout yourselves.

So, this is what we would offer in the area of finding a further higher dimensional experience. Simply sit and Be, and know that your New Earth is here and you now have the full ability to access it without any outer Earthly things helping you to do so. Your inner realms are called “inner realms” for a reason, dearest souls, and they can only be attained within.

Wes: Wow! Thank you so much Shima and Sherma, that explanation was perfect. I would like to bring the focus back to Shima specifically for a moment, and I do know that you are speaking to me collectively. When I received impressions of you Shima, you seemed to be an older man with white hair and a white beard and yet, we’ve heard that age is not as much of a factor in your realms. Care to comment?

Shima/Sherma: Age is indeed not as much of a factor when inhabiting a fifth dimensional Crystalline body, but age is still necessary in a body and when this body becomes too used-up for me personally, I will either take to a different fifth dimensional body or return to the spirit energy we all truly are within.

Also, dearest soul – you were seeing a representation of me so that my very presence would not overwhelm you too much and yes, I am more of an “elder” soul than many others whom you have spoken to recently but I should let you know that my hair is not white or even grey; it is shining and colored with the pure energy of Source and since you would not quite yet be able to perceive of me with the rainbow vibrations continually flowing all around me and expressing themselves through me, I chose an appearance that would best sit with you and that best communicates my features and what I look like.

Wes: Well thanks, dear friend. I’m happy to get that out of the way. I quite enjoyed speaking with both of you and before wrapping this up, I’ll turn the temple over to the rest of the High Council to speak uninterrupted for a while.

PHC: You have our full appreciation always, dearest soul. We see that much of humanity is still following along the same lines and tracks you have long set out for yourselves to follow and we see as well, the few strong Lighted souls who are breaking the matrix and finding a genuine awakening that is teaching them that the daily current of Life as experienced on your world today has held a great many Earth souls back.

Humanity has allowed yourselves to be held back by accepting the limitations that were bestowed upon you and by accepting that you were finite beings who could not collectively come together and make the change you know to be necessary to have enacted at this time.

We see many souls in many countries that have been put down, beginning to recognize their power as a collective body and beginning to stand up to the interests whom would only keep them down for personal profit and gain. We see you, the sovereign collective of humanity, beginning to rise up and proclaim your independence in some areas of your world while in others, complacency and uncaring still cloud and fog the minds and hearts of many souls.

Humanity has been kept distracted in the considerably-more progressive areas of your world, from realizing the change that needs to be enacted and the positivity that is essential to be spread if you dear souls wish to move into the future so many of you have looked and worked toward for so very long.

We do not wish for your future to seem bleak or anything of the sort as indeed, it is not.

You are all beginning to find personal and individual awakenings and while it will take some time for the awakenings of others to become apparent, the awakenings occurring in bold and blatant ways are working on the perspectives of the souls experiencing them and the need to find inner-peace and wholeness is being joined by a realization of the need to repair your world and restore Her to Her pristine fifth dimensional condition.

Unawareness will no longer breed complacency or uncaring and in fact, the unawareness itself that has spread and been aided by sheer collective distraction will find its very influence and feedings come to an end, as well every last bit of darkness and density that has held you back exponentially up until this point.

Oh yes, you all have so much good to look forward to – so much advanced technology to receive and learn how to build easily yourselves; so much restoration and repair to do to dearest Gaia and with every bit of it, we will be by your side. We will not be directing your ventures and missions, but helping you learn to use the advanced technology that will help you with your restoration work and will as well, help teach you to do the tasks our technology does ourselves without having to utilize it.

Our technology is indeed a luxury, and we have learned to do much of what it does. We simply use them for fun as indeed, you will find that fun is one of the strongest pervading aspects of the higher realms.

We Love you all so very much, and that simply cannot be overstated. The personal contacts many souls have had with us throughout your history will begin to pick up as your Military Industrial Complex finds less of an ease in targeting our ships, and the ships we have cloaked in your skies that are helping neutralize missiles and other weapons of mass warfare will be with you as well, as you realize that such things exist.

We certainly do exist and while our existence and presence around your world has been suppressed, this has not stopped us from contacting you or you from realizing a connection with us. As you all know by this point, it can simply be no other way.

Wes: Thank you so much to the Pleiadian High Council, to SanJAsKa for being their conduit, and to Shima and Sherma – two new Pleiadian friends whom I’m overjoyed to connect with.

PHC: Thank you, dearest Wesley, for offering your temple up as a Divine instrument for the higher realms and we souls of the higher realms to come forth.

Wes: Again, you know that it is my honor, dear friends.

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