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Sculptures 3D from the paper

3D sculptures from paper. can you believe?
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги


3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы
3D скульптуры птиц из бумаги,прикольные картинки,приколы

Breaking the bonds of worry John Holland Soul Inspirations


Do you sometimes feel that you were born to worry? Can you think of someone right now who deserves the title of: “The Chronic Worrier?” In my line of work, people often tell me what they’re worrying about. Even as a child, people poured out their worries and problems to me, regardless of whether they knew me or not. I have a deep empathy for people who worry, as I know what it’s like, having been a perpetual worrier myself. I was raised in an alcoholic home so worrying became second nature to me. Nowadays, people say to me: “John, how can you worry if you’re psychic?” Even though I am blessed with this wonderful gift of being psychic, I’m still very much a human being. Some people think that by worrying it will somehow protect or prepare them for the unexpected. I’m sorry to dispel this myth, but it doesn’t work.

When you worry, it interrupts your natural rhythm, affecting all areas in your life and eats away at your time. This time can be used for enjoying life, for personal reflection, or just used to relax and quiet your mind, or you can use this time to meditate and be with yourself and your soul. When you worry, you’re demonstrating a lack of trust in God, the Divine Source. You came from the source and are one with it; so know and trust that it’s working to help you at all times.

Many of us are not even aware when we’re worrying. That’s the nature of habit-forming characteristics. Becoming aware is an important part of worry reduction. As you become more conscious of the habit of worrying, it’s possible to develop the ability to switch it off before it takes over.

Worry can be set off by something as simple as watching the news on television with all the graphic images. If you’re the sort of person that’s affected by the news, it’s possible that it will push you into a state of worry and stress. You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. By working on yourself, you’re nourishing the overall positive consciousness of the world that we’re all connected to. Let’s take a few minutes to identify what you worry about most.

Here are just a few examples of what we typically worry about:

We worry about our families
We worry about our finances

We worry about our pets
We worry about our careers or lack of one
We worry about what other people think of us
We worry if we’re too fat or too thin
We worry about going to the doctor or dentist
We worry about rising fuel costs
We worry about exams or a test
We worry about other people's problems
We worry because it’s all that we know how to do

People are affected by worry in different ways, and there is no one-way to heal or cure worry, regardless of the circumstances. Some people may even need therapy or counseling, but it’s healthy to take a look at your life from time to time, and try some basic cognitive restructuring. This next exercise, rearranging your mental landscape, is a neat way of helping to manage your worrying habits.

John’s Lesson

1. This week make a list of what you worry about the most. Identify what you think about when you worry. Try to listen to the internal dialogue and what you’re saying to yourself. Keep a note of these thoughts. Allow yourself only so much time to worry and try to move on.

2. Once you’ve got into the routine of journaling your worry thoughts, take the notes and spend some time analyzing each thought. What’s the evidence for the thought? Is it likely to happen? Has it ever happened before? Finally, is there any logic or reason to believe that it will ever happen? If not, cross it off the list with a big red pen!

3. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Plan out how you’d handle it. What actions could you take to minimize the affect? Write down what you need to do.

4. As you keep your journal of these worries and the possible actions you might take, try to write them in two columns so the new thoughts form a positive outcome.

5. When you worry, you tend to imagine the worst thing that could happen. You can also imagine the best thing that could happen. Try turning it around!

5. Try any type of meditation that will relax your body and begin to talk to your higher self, and ask if there’s another way that you can let go of this worry or concern. Be open and ask if there’s some other advice that you need to hear at this time.

As you start making subtle changes in the way you think, how much you worry, or what you worry about, remember this: Any change you attempt to make will only be temporary, unless you own that change yourself. No one else can make it happen for you, only you! You have to be responsible for your own change. Believing that you should change is not enough. You have to say to yourself that you must change – that you can change.

Live a Soul-Filled life!

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