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Kisharblaze posted a discussion

Kisharblaze posted a discussion

Love and Sugar

If love were sugarHe'd be a cakeIf love were wordsI'd be a poemIf love were waterWe'd fill an ocean and moreIf kindness were thoughtsI'd have no timeIf consideration were waxHe'd be a candleIf trust were sparksOur candle would burn forever because I love himSee More

Kisharblaze posted a blog post

Kisharblaze posted a blog post

Perspective of a Why (part 8)

The PurposeThe biggest questions that linger in the minds of most people from the time they achieve cognizant thought are "What is life's purpose?"  "Why am I here?"  "What is the point?"  Today's society would have you believe that it is all about careeres, money and acquiring the latest marketed technology.  But all of that is where the purpose goes astray.  You were not created to spend life's precious moments consumed with unimportant lifeless objects.  You were not given the blessings of life to achieve status.  And you most definitely were not placed in this bounty of Divine Love to seek the approval of mankind.The purpose is simple.  It is to live, to be, to know and to understand; not for those things deemed important by society, but by Divinity.  All around are stories to be heard and tales to be told.  There need be no other human around to enjoy the festivities.  Love and freedom are the essence of life. If you spend life as is meant and observe closely those things in nature all around you; you will know the ways of listening to the stories Nature has to tell and seeing all that Divinity has laid out for you to learn and grow.  When you release yourself from the distractions and focus on Nature's subtle language, you begin to see and hear the same truths that your ancient ancestors learned from and passed on to their children.  They knew that you can never step in the same river twice.  The water flows constantly; and so, even as you stand in place, ankle deep, the water is flowing and showing you the continuous changes in life.  The fish below are never still, even in death there is movement in the microcosm within their bodies.  The nutrients in within the stream feed all the life along its path just as Divinity feeds your soul throughout your days.You may see the ant as just a tiny annoyance or insignificant bug, but the ant shows you the importance of teamwork.  Have you ever watched an ant colony when the land around them floods?  The entire colony joins together and forms a living raft and floats until they find solid ground again.  Though some may be lost in the process, they are not lost in vain.  They sacrifice themselves to save the colony, and in doing so they insure the survival of the next generation.Without the ants, the earthworms and all the little critters considered pests, there would be no growth.  The ones who call the soil home, keep it ventilated and aerated and move nutrients to the places that need them.  The ones who fly from plant to plant keep fertile the gardens and meadows, and allow the stationary beings who are rooted to one spot the ability of spreading their seeds and reproducing.  They show us that even a stationary soul need to find love, for the ability to create a new life is not a solitary endeavor.  Like the plants' dependence on the insects to bring together the necessary combinations for life, the intervention of Divine love and guidance is necessary for people to create new life and see it grow to its full potential.Across the plains and through the tall grass on the way to quench their thirst at the local watering hole, a large family  of zebras travel.  They keep close so their stripes can serve as camouflage.  Closeness makes it difficult to tell where one zebra ends and another begins.  As the herd moves cautiously across the grass, the adults do their best to keep the young protected in the center of the herd, for they know the importance of keeping the next generation protected from potential predators.In the tall grass nearby, a pack of cheetahs lie in wait.  Patiently they watch the traveling family of zebras, for they know they cannot afford to risk expending unnecessary energy.  To do so could jeapordize their ability to provide food for the rest of the cheetah pride waiting for the hunters to return.  With their senses heightened and of full alert, the zebras make their way across the plains.  At the back of the herd, a young foal walks alongside is mother who is still recovering from an injury.  The pack, fully aware of this, had slowed its pace to accomodate.  The stallion waling at the rear of the pack has kept all his senses sharp, aware of the potential predators in the tall grass nearby.The cheetah had slunk low and downwind, waiting for a break in the herd.  Her patience had paid off.  The young foal became distracted as the mother stopped for a moment to adjust for the pain of the still healing wound.  She had protected her foal not long ago and sustained a healthy gash form the claw of another cheetah.  The stallion, with the last attack still fresh in his mind, slowed with the mother and foal watching intently for another attack.  With just a few feet of distance between the mother and foal and the stallion, the herd is alerted to surround the mother and foal, but time is not on their side.The cheetahs see this sliver of an opportunity.  With acceleration and determination, the cheetahs take off after the herd targeting the injured mother and her foal.  One cheetah catches up quick and pounces, aiming for the foal, but just as she trows her huge paw out to grab the young zebra, the foal brakes hard, lunging his front hooves and head to the ground.  As the cheetah flies over the foal, the stallion gives her a hard kick, knocking her out of the chase.  This leaves the injured mother unprotected for just a moment, but that is more than enought time for another cheetah to make her move.  Coming up from the other side, the cheetah plants an open claw deep into the hind quarters of the injured mother.  By the time she hits the ground, the cheetah's huge jaw is around her neck.  She is done for and the stallion knows it.  He rallies the herd, and with haste and fervor they surround the foal and hurry it into the middle of the herd, leaving the mother to her end.  The cheetahs had what they wanted and the herd now only had the rush of getting out of the tall grass on their minds.The herd runs until they are assured of safety.  There will be much consolation for the foal tonight, but the zebras are a tight knit family and this seeming tragedy will only strengthen the resolve of the young one.  In time he will grow to be a stallion of greater fortitude and eventually take his place as protector, just as the stalliion who saved him had done.  The herd knows this is simply the way of life and sees this as only balance paid to survive and grow stronger because they understand Divine order and have no cause to question it.The cheetahs will feast tonight and what they do not eat will provide nourishment to the scavengers, for the vultures have already alerted them to the meal soon available.  In this way life continues.What mankind would see as cruel, Nature sees as necessity.  This is just one lesson among many that Nature teaches if mankind would only see loss and hardship for what it is.  But mankind has a tendency to seek explanation from Divinity for the difficult lessons that are meant to strengthen your resolve and help you grow your faith so you can soar with the eagles instead of wallowing in the murky bog of self-pity.Life is meant to have obstacles for you to overcome so you can become stronger.  All of Nature is there as Divine instruction to show you the purpose of every facet of life.  There is a fine line of balance between living free and unencumbered and being oblivious to the responsibility that goes hand in hand with freedom.You should always keep fresh in your heart and soul the small kid times that formed you into who you are.  You should always play and embrace life for all it is.  It is no one's place to impose control over another.  You should teach and instruct in love and kindness.  What another does with that is between them and Divinity.  When it comes time to be the parent instead of the child, you should see the task of raising children as the ultimate expression of Divine Love.So many people today approach being parents as something of a selfish joke.  The natural desire to reproduce is there, but it is seen as all pleasure and the understanding of the awesome untdertaking of rasing a child is not considered.  Once again, look to the lessons provided by Nature and you will see.The eagle, for instance, is there to show us what should be considred when choosing a mate.  The eagle mates for life, so who they choose as a partner must be one they can rely on and trust to be there through thick and thin.  They start out with a display of ultimate courage and trust, for when eagles mate, they dance together in the sky before joining as one.  They must show each other their honor and prove their trustworthiness because the act of joining can be fatal if they are anything less than pure of heart.  Once they join as mates, they free fall, plummeting together until the very last second when they separate just before hitting the ground.  Afterwards they build their nest and remain faithful and true until death.  They will come back to the same area year after year and their yound will nest within a few miles.  If one dies, the other will usually remain solitary for the remainder of its life.All humans should follow this example when seeking a mate.  If you cannot trust each other through the free fall that is life and know that only death can separate you, how can you expect to raise children who have respect for life or strength of character?  Once again the lessons are all around and Divinity has gone to awesome lengths to show you the purpose so you can evolve spiritually to a higher vibration life form.See More
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